Weekly news blotter Feb. 23

Feb. 15

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

University Commons

What do you mean it’s not prescription?

A bag of marijuana and blue pills were found in a student’s dorm room by a Georgia State staff member. A report for illegal drugs was filed and the information has been turned over to Investigations and the Dean of Students.


Feb. 16

Aderhold Learning Center Information Desk

Can you hear me now? Good. Can you hear me now? Good.

A cell phone purchased by a student from an unknown individual was found to have an insurance claim made on it. A report for theft by deception was filed and the case has been handed over to Investigations.


Feb. 17

Andrew Young School of Policy

I really can’t stay, but baby it’s cold out there

A non-Georgia State affiliate was found inside and issued a criminal trespass warning (CTW) and escorted off the property. He said it was because it was too cold outside.


Feb. 18

Langdale Hall

It’ll be worth millions after he’s gone

A student filed a report for theft after his art portfolio was stolen. The case has been turned over to Investigations.


Feb. 19

University Lofts

I thought you said your parents weren’t home

A female was issued a criminal trespass warning (CTW) and removed from the residence of a student in the dorm.


Feb. 19

G Parking Deck

We’re all thinking it is porn

A non-Georgia State individual was issued a criminal trespass warning (CTW) for attempting to record an unauthorized video. A criminal history check revealed two active warrants and resulted in the individual’s arrest. The person has been processed and transported to Fulton County Jail to away arresting agencies.


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