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Weekly Crime Blotter: Nov. 6

Soon to be GSUPD Chief Spillane says he has already set an agenda for the Spring 2017 semester. Photo by Jade Johnson | The Signal

Oct. 31

Get outta this place!
A non-Georgia State person was arrested for trespassing in the B building of Clarkston campus.

The atmosphere was charged…
Two students reported being victims to simple battery in Student Center West, around 6:30 p.m. The case is still active.

URGE Abortion

Gee, I wish I knew who dunnit
A Georgia State student reported having his belongings stolen from him on Clarkston’s G building. Police are still investigating the case.

Nov. 1

They see me rollin
GSUPD arrested a non-Georgia State person driving down Piedmont Ave. under the influence.

Under control
Two Georgia State students were arrested at the Georgia State stadium Wednesday, for distributing a ‘controlled substance.’

Wait a couple years, kid
Two students were arrested for posessing alcohol while under the age of 21. The two different incidents, one around 1:20 a.m. and the other around 5 a.m., both took place at Piedmont Central.

Wake Forest University

Nov. 2

Something fishy!
A Clarkston student reported suspicious behaviour in Lot 3 of the Perimeter College campus. The case is still active.

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