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Weekly Crime Blotter: May 22

May 15

Walkin’ After Midnight

A trespass warning was issued at 1:57 a.m. to two non-Georgia State persons. They were both arrested at the Georgia Bookstore.

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Off-campus thievery

A Georgia State student reported theft of lost/mislaid property of $500 or less. The off-campus case is still active.

Bike thief on the loose!

A Georgia State student’s bicycle, worth $500 or less, was reported stolen at the SunTrust building. The case remains active.

Triple trespass

Georgia State police were involved in an agency assist to arrest three non-Georgia State students on Armstrong and Jesse Hill Jr. Dr. They were issued trespass warnings, but the case has since been cleared.

May 16

High on great heights

Two non-Georgia State students were arrested after being caught with possession of marijuana at the M Parking Deck.

Another bike goes bye-bye

A Georgia State student’s bike worth more than $500 was stolen at the Sports Arena. The disposition is active.

While in the Student Center, hide your things.

At Student Center West, a Georgia State student reported stolen property valued at $1500 or less. The case remains active.

Creepin’ where the cars are at

One Georgia State student and two non-Georgia State persons were given trespass warnings at the Loft Parking Deck. The case has been cleared.

May 17

Early Morning Thievery

A Georgia State student complained of an alleged theft by a non-Georgia State person. The offender was arrested at the Arts & Humanities building.

Unauthorized in the Student Center

A trespass warning was issued to a non-Georgia State complainant at Student Center East. The case has been cleared.

Obedience required

Georgia State police assisted in an arrest of a non-Georgia State student, based on a charge of failure to obey traffic control devices at Auburn Ave. NE and Park Pl. NE. The case is active.

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