Weekly Crime Blotter: Feb. 13

Feb 7

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I told you once, I’ll tell you again

A non Georgia State student trespasser was given two warnings to leave the Arts and Humanities facility on the Atlanta Campus. The investigation is active.

I am that I am

A non Georgia State arrestee provided false name, address, and and date of birth to officers. The incident occurred off campus. The arrest was a success.

Hooligans on N Deck

A Georgia State Student’s property was found damaged on the N Parking Deck on the Atlanta Campus. The investigation is active.

Help! I need somebody

Agency assistance was given to a Georgia State student on Courtland Street Southeast. The case is cleared.


Feb 8

The price is right

Property of Library North was stolen and its value is less than 1500 dollars. The case has been cleared.


Feb 9

Halt! Who goes there!?

A Georgia State staffer reported an attempted entry trespass for unlawful purposes at the Decatur campus. The incident occurred in Decatur Building A and the investigation is active.

Creepers Afoot…

Three Greek Housing residents spotted suspicious activity around their facility. The case remains open.

Whoever smelt it, dealt it

A gas leak was reported in the Petit Science Park. The case has been settled.

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