Weekly crime blotter: Dec. 7

Nov. 30

Who’s on crash

An accident occurred near Turner Field involving a Georgia State student after 12:30 pm. This incident is currently being investigated.


Dec. 1

There’s something about Mari

A non-Georgia State suspect was arrested near University Commons around 12:30 pm. The suspect possessed less than an ounce of marijuana.


Dec. 2

I’m not Ader-holding my stuff

A Georgia State student reported an item stolen from Aderhold just after noon. The item’s value is reported to exceed more than $500.


Dec. 3

Just can’t stay away

A non-Georgia State individual received a criminal trespass warning near Langdale Hall before 9:30 am.


Dec. 3

You won’t know my name

Georgia State University Police Department (GSUPD) arrested a non-Georgia State individual driving with a suspended license near Auburn Avenue before 10 am. The suspect is also charged with giving a false name to authorities.

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