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Weekly Crime Blotter: Apr. 17

Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

April 10

That’s one way to wake up
A student at Georgia State was the victim of a simple battery early in the morning at Piedmont North.

This isn’t O-K!
A suspicious person was spotted in the morning at the K Parking Deck on campus.

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Bringing green to the Urban city
A Georgia State student was arrested for possession of marijuana at the Urban Life Building.

April 11

Want a sip, officer?
A non-Georgia State student was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of alcohol in their car on Piedmont Avenue and Auburn Avenue.

Who are you again?
A non-Georgia State student was arrested in Hurt Park for being suspicious.

April 12

A grand heist
A theft was reported by a Georgia State student of over $1500 from Piedmont North building B early in the morning

Losing more than just that Freshman 15
A Georgia State student reported a theft of over $1500 at the Student Recreation Center.

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