Deal’s veto less than commendable

April 8, 2016 John Miller 0

I have no idea why Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed the infamous Religious Liberty Bill but I’m glad he did. One for two, at least, counting that bull-headed Campus Carry one. Also, I frankly don’t care why […]


Editorial: The elephant in the room

March 17, 2016 The Signal 0

Have you ever had friend that seems like they keep making dumb decisions? Well today, that friend just happens to be the entire state of Georgia -or, to make matters worse, the state’s lawmakers. Stacked […]


The ‘Gurley Bill’

January 31, 2015 Jeremy Johnson 0

Georgia Representative Barry Fleming (R-Harlem) is working on a bill that would penalize merchandise dealers that have been looking to establish financial relationships with student-athletes in the state of Georgia. Fleming’s Proposal Rep. Fleming is […]