“Hey Ya!” united the globe like no other

September 27, 2013 Paul DemerrittPaul Demerritt

September 2003 dawned upon a fractured planet. Bin Laden’s lingering threats paralyzed Americans, Israel and Palestine dueled in a fruitless land battle, the European Union railed against George Bush’s controversial Guantanamo Bay and the United […]

Leah’s school of style: Music Midtown

September 24, 2013 Leah JordanLeah Jordan

Another successful year of Atlanta’s music festival has come and gone. According to the AJC, more than 50,000 people crammed into the confines of Piedmont Park–and that’s only counting rainy Saturday. Concert-goers weren’t garbed in […]

OPINION: You should be there.

June 11, 2013 Hunter BishopHunter Bishop

Making memories in college. Everyone comes to college with an idea of how they want to spend their time. Some people come to spread their wings, some come for the parties, and some people, shockingly […]

Dress for the fest

April 25, 2013 Samantha ReardonSamantha Reardon

Festival fashion! It’s been popping up everywhere, from Coachella Vines to street style blogs. No worries – festival season has only just begun, and I have a few items you’ll want to snag before heading […]

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