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To gap year or not to gap year

August 8, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

There’s little, if anything, more relieving than being cleared to walk across the stage and receive your diploma after four (or six) years of grueling nights, anxiety attacks and obscene amounts of caffeine. Yet, an […]

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Your Muslim friends are skipping lunch

June 12, 2018 Sara Abdulla 1

Religious fasting is a millennia-old institution that overcomes culture, age, and continent. To deprive one’s body of earthly pleasures and, to some extent, physical needs, has been an essential theme in faith that even the […]

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Love thy wife- and her boyfriend

May 24, 2018 Sara Abdulla 0

It’s happened to the most loyal and dedicated of us. You love your partner from the absolute bottom of your heart. You would give them your kidney- you would give them both of your kidneys, […]

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