Last words on Lou Reed

November 9, 2013 Paul DemerrittPaul Demerritt

What is there to say about Lou Reed that hasn’t already been said? His legendary status in music is forever sealed in rock ‘n’ roll history. The ease and delirium of the stream-of-consciousness poetry he […]

Flux Night gets sensual

October 1, 2013 Paul DemerrittPaul Demerritt

On October 5, Castleberry Hill will be transformed into a sensory playground for a dedicated group of artists to test their creative whims on a grand scale.

“Hey Ya!” united the globe like no other

September 27, 2013 Paul DemerrittPaul Demerritt

September 2003 dawned upon a fractured planet. Bin Laden’s lingering threats paralyzed Americans, Israel and Palestine dueled in a fruitless land battle, the European Union railed against George Bush’s controversial Guantanamo Bay and the United […]

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