Hacking: A look at online safety

July 26, 2015 Nicole MotahariNicole Motahari

In a world where everything revolves around the Internet, people are more comfortable than ever giving up their personal information online. Whether it’s posting on social media, or giving out your credit card number, you […]

Vox: Women and the White House

May 1, 2015 Nicole MotahariNicole Motahari

Question: Do you feel that if a woman (of any political party) becomes president, it will change how other nations view the United States and if so, how? John Michael Powell Senior Political Science Major, […]

An open letter to fashion magazines

April 3, 2015 Nicole MotahariNicole Motahari

Dear Fashion magazines, It’s the beginning of the spring season, which means the heavy winter coats and bulky sweaters are going into storage. We’re pulling out our short skirts and lacy tops now. Spring is […]

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