About Christina Maxouris
Christina is the former Editor-in-Chief and current Senior Reporter for The Signal. Raised in Greece, there is nothing she loves more than soaking up sun rays, and having a good debate!
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Yik Yakking out of Atlanta

April 20, 2016 Christina Maxouris 0

Yik Yak, known by some as “the anonymous Twitter,” has left some students bitter over its allowance of hateful comments and racist threats and just three years after its launch is seeing a rapid decrease […]

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An Uber debate at the airport

April 12, 2016 Christina Maxouris 0

The last time Uber scooped you from the Atlanta airport, your driver broke the law. But it might not be that way for long if a new proposal by Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (HJIA) gets approved. […]

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