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Sexy costumes = female empowerment?

As said in the cult-classic Mean Girls, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Now is going out and buying the sexiest costume giving women empowerment? I think so, because women feel more confident when they think they look sexy. It gives them a sense of control and power.

Just look at Cady from Mean Girls — when she wore her sexy costume, she had a newfound confidence about herself.

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Women who feel sexy can find confidence they did not know they had before by putting on their new sexy costumes for Halloween. Confidence is a good thing, and women should not be shamed by others for dressing up in what gives them female empowerment.

Even though I am all for being sexy and showing it off, I can see how some people feel that sexy costumes have gone overboard and become over-sexualized. Stores see women buying sexy costumes, so they say, “Let’s make as many sexy costumes as we can for them!”

Lately, costumes have become so sexualized, and instead of promoting empowerment, the costumes are implicitly telling women to just show more skin.

However, there are women out there who do not feel sexy in their own skin. So, they wear a costume that pretty much covers up everything. I feel bad for them because they should know they are sexy, and they can dress up to show the world.

I believe women who think they are sexy can go out and talk with any person they want, knowing that their sexy costume brings out their best assets and makes them feel confident.

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By doing this, women are telling the world that they do not care what others think and that they are going to wear what they want. Women who wear sexy costumes are making a statement. That statement is be comfortable in your own skin to want to wear something “sexy” even if it is not Halloween.

I am telling women to go out and buy their sexy costumes. Show the world that you are sexy, you are in control, confidence is on deck, and that most importantly, sexy can be empowering.

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