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Partial meal plans are coming to Georgia State’s dining halls

Student Government Association’s Vice President (SGA) of Student Services Fortune Onwuzuruike’s proposed partial meal plan initiative has been approved.

The option to have a partial meal plan would be available to Georgia State commuter students possibly as soon as Spring 2016, Onwuzuruike said.

Fortune Onwuzuruike said he’s pleased to have this “big missing puzzle of the university” approved by Georgia State’s Auxiliary Services.

“People have been trying to do this for years and years. To actually see it be a part of my term and play, I’m truly blessed and humbled to get that experience for our students,” Onwuzuruike said.

By implementing partial meal plans, Georgia State would let commuters have an additional meal plan choice that would be budgeted by a set number of swipes allowed at university dining halls, according to Onwuzuruike.

Currently, students have the option to receive the unlimited seven-day meal plan costing $3,796.00 or the unlimited five-day meal plan priced at $3,594.00 for the academic year, according to Georgia State’s PantherDining website.

Sarah Greenberg, a sophomore commuter student at Georgia State, does not have a meal plan, and said she thinks having a meal plan isn’t “reasonable” considering she doesn’t live on campus.

However, if Georgia State were to allow partial meal swipes for the university dining halls, Greenberg said she would consider getting purchasing the plan, because it would be easier for her to eat on campus rather than off campus.

“It seems a lot more convenient to eat on campus, and I might be saving money if I use the partial meal plan instead of going to a restaurant and buying a somewhat expensive lunch,” she said.

Taylor Jackson, a sophomore commuter at Georgia State, does not have a meal plan because of the price. She also said she wouldn’t buy a partial meal plan either.

“It’s too much money. Since I live off campus, I can cook at home,” Jackson said.

Xyra Arroyo, a freshman commuter at Georgia State, said she has the five-day meal plan, because it’s convenient. However, she said she believes sometimes she does not get her money’s worth.

“I commute, so I’m not here everyday to be able to go to the dining [halls],” she said.

Although partial meals would only be for commuter students, Onwuzuruike said there is a possibility for students who live on campus to take part in getting partial meal swipes in the university dining halls in the future.

“Before you know, we’re actually gonna start having meal plans where you can actually get partial 35 swipes for not only commuter students but for the student body as a whole,” Onwuzuruike said.

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