Panthers season so far, one filled with confusion

Rosevelt Watson celebrates after his third quarter touchdown versus Old Dominion. ANDRES CRUZ-WELLMANN | THE SIGNAL
Rosevelt Watson celebrates after his third quarter touchdown versus Old Dominion.

No one can seem to figure out the Georgia State football team this season. This season has been a complete roller coaster, so it’s hard to actually make out what this team is, and how good they actually are. This team is obviously better than its record, which may or may not say much, but they shouldn’t be this hard to read.

Last season the Panthers were in the same spot (2-5) after seven games. They were able to recover, make it to (6-6) and make a bowl game. This year they hope to do the same thing, but it won’t be easy.

“We just try to focus on being (1-0) every day, so what that means is every day we come out here just winning the rep, winning the play, winning the practice and eventually that will lead up to winning a game. So it’s not really let’s focus on getting this win streak so we can get to this bowl game it’s more so let’s focus on today and what we have to do today,” Senior linebacker Kaleb Ringer said.

Living in a world of should have, or could have will lead to absolutely nowhere, but the Panthers could be at the very least (3-3) after losing two very winnable games against Ball State and Wisconsin.

The even though they lost the game against Wisconsin was probably the best game that the team played all year. They only scored 17 points, but they were in the game the entire time and even had the lead at one point. They were also able to hold one of the traditional  running powers in the nation to 187 yards. Just the week before however they gave up 464 rushing yards to Air Force.

Wisconsin is one of the best teams in the country, so if the Panthers can compete with them, why do they lose conference games. Yes, the Sun Belt does have good teams, who compete nationally, but there is no reason for losing like they do. Outside of the Wisconsin game, every other loss has been decided by double-digit points.

Wisconsin is ranked ninth in the country in total defense and the Panthers scored 17 points against them, but three against Appalachian State who is a good team, but no Wisconsin.

The Panthers have a very good team, which is evident when they play some Saturdays, but there are times where they don’t seem like the same team.

It’s not all bad, though, they have a very good chance of making a bowl game, and they can also win out and finish (8-5) , which would be amazing. The latter is not as likely , but the former is simply because they have the talent to do it, and they’ve done it before.

“Last year whenever we went on out win streak the biggest thing was leadership, and I feel like we have a lot of good leaders on this team that can lead us to that same position we were in last yea. One big thing that coach Miles tells us all the team is that we’ve been in this situation before and we’ve gotten out of it and I feel like we can do it again,” wide receiver Robert Davis said.

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