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Panthers fall to Duke 74-55 despite good effort

In the game that initially seemed to be the toughest challenge in Georgia State’s schedule, the Panthers were defeated by the No. 8 Duke Blue Devils 74-55 at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

With just a few seconds into the game, RJ Hunter knifed through the Duke Blue Devil defense for the first basket of the game, giving Georgia State the lead at 2-0.

That was the only lead they held as Duke took complete control of the game, despite the Panther’s acceptable performance, keeping in mind the level of their opponent.

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Duke made 11-24 three points, nearly 46 percent and nine points higher than Georgia State’s shooting percentage. Also, the Blue Devils made only two fewer three pointers than the Panthers shot all game.

Early on, Duke let Georgia State hand around, accruing six quick turnovers in the first half, as well as only scoring 32 points. It oftentimes seemed as if both teams were out of sync, with passes being picked off and shots barely clanging the front of the rim.

Duke still led by ten points at the half, and it was clear that even with the kind of defense the Panthers were playing that it was not going to be enough.

Duke’s Mason Plumlee and Seth Curry had 19 and 15 points, respectively, with Curry shooting 3-7 from downtown and Plumlee filling up the stat sheet by adding 14 rebounds and 4 blocked shots, including two three points hoisted by RJ Hunter.

Georgia State, on the other hand, never really go going after Hunter’s first basket. They were pressured from the get-go, and oftentimes got stuck behind the perimeter.

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This is a weakness that the Panthers have encountered before against Life University, in the first exhibition match. Life played the same kind of press, with the same results, save a win.

The Panthers gave it their best, however, and did not stop fighting. Hunter had 14 points and 10 rebounds, earning every single one of those points as Duke honed in on him as the man to stop.

Devonta White, the senior starting point guard, shot just under 50 percent from the field, leading the team in points, but finished with six turnovers to only one assist, a fourth of the Georgia State team total. Duke, by comparison, finished with 17.

Georgia State’s next game is at BYU, on Nov. 13.

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