• White men in America have nothing to fear

    In a reaction to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegation, President Donald Trump said, “It is a very scary time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something you [...]
  • Editorial: Grape eyeballs and hot dog organs

    It’s officially spooky season, and sadly The Signal editorial board is a bit too old to go trick-or-treating (at least by society’s standards). So instead, we will take a walk down memory lane, throw ourselves [...]
  • Editorial: SGA on autopilot, barely staying aloft

    We’re more than halfway through the semester and we’ve seen that the Student Government Association (SGA) has thus far had a lackluster approach to solving the university’s plethora of issues. They have sworn in several [...]
  • How prepared are you for living on your own?

    One of the perks of attending college is the opportunity to live on campus. With the campus just a few blocks away, you can roll right out of bed and make it to class in [...]
  • Editorial: Failure of operation is a failure of integrity

    Call boxes on campus don’t work, and that’s unacceptable. One of the most important safety measures, apart from officers and patrolling security guards, has been compromised for several years now, according to Georgia State’s Chief [...]
  • Georgia Tech and Emory get fall break, so why not us?

    You know the old saying, “You always want what you can’t have?” Well, students at Emory, Tech and Spelman are relaxing on a fall break, and we want one, too. Thanksgiving, winter, spring and the [...]
  • Trial For Dr. Ford, Job Interview for Kavanaugh

    Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is the second woman to appear in 27 years before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify against a Supreme Court nominee. Unable to sit quietly, Dr. Ford came forward about a [...]
  • How Georgia State preserved a piece of Atlanta history

    Upon entering Victory Plaza at Georgia State Stadium, the first clue you will have that this is no run-of-the-mill Division 1 football stadium is just to the left of the ticket office. There you will [...]
  • The Signal, beacon light of student affairs

    Today, The Signal celebrates not just 85 years of existence but 85 years of independence. Daily, we are ever focused on the present and the future, assigning stories weeks in advance and networking with our [...]
  • The Atlanta Streetcar of yesteryear

    Citizens of Atlanta look down on the Atlanta Streetcar. Early last year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that ridership is a fraction of what the city expected, operations costs are higher than projected and the system [...]
  • We get paper when you read the paper

    “We are the physical manifestation of independence.” That quote comes from our editor-in-chief, Daniel Varitek, who doesn’t write this editorial or contribute to it at all because he’s not on the editorial board. In fact, [...]
  • Considerations from a former Signal editor-in-chief

    I spent three years working at The Signal from 1986 to 1989, the last year as editor-in-chief, and aside from the fight we got into with the dean of communication (more on that), the biggest [...]
  • Holding out for a better entry point into the stock market could pay dividends

    Whether or not the U.S. stock market is truly experiencing its longest bull run ever, one thing is clear: U.S. stocks have been going up for a long time. The current bull market has been [...]
  • Dislike: Facebook

    Before the 2016 election, Facebook users were harvested like low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking, for corruption and lies. The company responsible, Cambridge Analytica— headed by President Donald Trump’s ex-key advisor Steve Bannon—lied to [...]
  • Who needs a gay agenda when you have a gay syllabus?

    I ask myself, for every gay fantasy about a teacher, how many gay teachers have I known? It cannot be overstated the impact of 20-something LGBTQ students seeing themselves represented among the faculty. Gay dorks [...]