It’s Not a Trap

November 6, 2012 James McDougaldJames McDougald

On May 25, 1977 a little b-movie swept the cultural zeitgeist of America and the world.  The tie-dyed, bell-bottomed masses had never seen anything like the adventure of a young farm boy called Luke and […]

Anything to Make the Grade

November 6, 2012 Jaira BurkeJaira Burke

Every year millions of students head off to college all in an effort to build a foundation for their future. The goal- makes the grades to get the job. But does this emphasis on a […]

Editorial 11/6

November 6, 2012 Miles KeenlysideMiles Keenlyside

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, several individuals removed hundreds of copies of The Signal from our stand outside the University Bookstore. As of press time, one of the individuals, Riley Gillison, came forward to say he […]

Flying Past the Flyers

November 6, 2012 Ami DudleyAmi Dudley

Campus flyer boards for advertisements and announcements are like email accounts, complete with junk mail. Problem is, you can’t have the junk flyers sent to your trash. When students like Mechelle Pollard are on the […]

In it for the moments

October 29, 2012 Patrick DuffyPatrick Duffy

A Response to Chris Shattuck’s article “Show Some Respect” from The Signal’s 10/16 issueI do appreciate what Chris Shattuck is trying to sell the Georgia State community, telling students not to wear other university’s apparel on […]

Library Report Card

October 28, 2012 Miles KeenlysideMiles Keenlyside

Cost: A –               With student library fees clocking in at 5.3 percent of mandatory fees, the library has a wide range of research tools to offer students. Beyond just offering traditional book checkout, […]

Wrapped Up

October 28, 2012 Josh SmithJosh Smith

Often times in relationships, we get too wrapped up in our lover’s life that we lose our own identity. A once talented and ambitious person can become a cracked shell of what used to be. […]

The Zed Word

October 28, 2012 James McDougaldJames McDougald

Last week I made passing reference to my disinterest in the ongoing zombie craze.  I received a number of complaints from friends.  More complaints than the time I said I would not be voting in […]

Is individuality becoming obsolete?

October 28, 2012 Jaira BurkeJaira Burke

In a society dominated by widespread evasive social media bridging the gap between the intimate details of one person’s life to another; one has to think, does this personal insight into the lives of others […]

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