• Can drinking too much coffee lead to cancer?

    With California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle’s ruling this past March that coffee should be sold with a cancer warning, many coffee lovers are reconsidering their relationship with the popular beverage. The ruling stems from [...]
  • Festival preparations: what to expect at summer festivals

    Festival season is approaching us. Glitter flying in the crowd, the rumble of the bass shaking the ground–it is basically calling your name and taking your savings out of your pocket. However, if you’ve never [...]
  • Georgia State to nominate sites to the World Heritage List

    Georgia State has been tasked with getting some of the city’s Civil Rights Movement sites on the World Heritage list, a list put together by the UNESCO World Heritage Center. The list includes famous landmarks [...]
  • Who is Furquan Stafford?

    Two months ago, GSTV released a Panther Report on an individual they claimed was a doctorate student and Georgia State’s No. 1 fan. That same person was set to receive Georgia State’s President’s Volunteer Service [...]
  • Furquan Stafford, photographed by The Signal

    Editorial: We fact check, so why can’t you?

    To be considered a student at Georgia State, one must first submit an intent to enroll. And while it may be a costly process, being enrolled at Georgia State brings many benefits to students, including [...]
  • Wag-a-Saga: See something but say nothing?

    These days, there’s an app for everything. With just the click of a button, dog care becomes a walk in the park. Under the new Wag! app, registered users can sign on to a daily [...]
  • The final curtain call for Kell Hall

    THE PLAN Kell Hall is set to be torn down as a part of Georgia State’s master plan. Kell will soon become a green space called the “Greenway,” part of a redesigning effort of the [...]
  • From England to America, Chloe Howard is one good golfer

    Freshman golfer Chloe Howard came to Atlanta from Plymouth, England with the intention of being a good golfer and performing at a high level. Howard has done that and more during her freshman campaign. “My [...]
  • Furquan Stafford, photographed by The Signal

    Breaking: University withholds award after failed fact-check revealed

    Last week, Furquan Stafford received an email from Georgia State’s Office of Civic Engagement informing him he was the chosen recipient set to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award, given to university students with volunteer [...]
  • Weekly News Briefs: Apr. 17

    Local: McIver still in courts, won’t testify on his own behalf https://www.ajc.com/news/icymi-mciver-murder-trial-facebook-fallout-city-hall-scandal-and-shake/FDqmvzKpahnj8eaGbgnobM/ The Tex McIver case continues as the former lawyer takes the stand. Two charges about for influencing a witness were dropped by Fulton [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Apr. 17

    April 10 That’s one way to wake up A student at Georgia State was the victim of a simple battery early in the morning at Piedmont North. This isn’t O-K! A suspicious person was spotted [...]
  • Recent protests raise questions regarding on-campus gun safety

    After the Parkland shooting this past February, House Bill 280 (HB280), or “Campus Carry,” and Georgia State’s preparedness in the event of a shooting have once again caused concern among the student body. “I have [...]
  • More women in politics, even in Georgia

    The 2016 election race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump served as inspiration for more women to get involved in the political world, and Georgia is no exception. “It’s something that has been building for [...]
  • Underrepresentation in U.S. Newsrooms

    Newsrooms across America have long struggled to meet the representation standards their audiences want. In 1978, The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) pledged to match newsroom diversity percentages with the country’s diversity percentages. The [...]
  • Atlanta needs to develop its own style to remain in the industry

    In recent years, the Georgia media industry has seen a tremendous growth due in part to the state’s covetable tax incentives for film production. Hundreds of productions have amassed billions of dollars for the state’s [...]