We forgot to feed the vegan

October 16, 2012 Ami Dudley

My fellow burger-bitin’, cheese-chompin’, nugget-poppin’, ice cream-scoopin’ students…we have ourselves a problem! We forgot to feed the vegan! Yes the Vegan! That one friend that makes us feel like we’ve committed capital murder on Nemo […]

The state of Church & State

October 16, 2012 Miles Keenlyside

By Miles Keenlyside | Opinions Editor Recently Georgia Representative Rick Crawford representing the 16th district announced that if he is re-elected this upcoming November, he would switch his party affiliations from Democrat to Republican. This […]

MF Fliers

October 9, 2012 Online Editor

Have you ever tried to ‘get the word out’ by taking a bunch of scrap paper and handing them out to strangers so that they can throw it away right after you hand it to […]

Kill the hype!

October 9, 2012 Hunter Bishop

You know what my least favorite thing about sports is? Hype. I mean, seriously. We take these games, hype them up to disproportionately high levels, and then act surprised when they don’t live up to […]

Stop walking in the street

October 2, 2012 Online Editor

We’ve all seen the hordes of students crossing the streets on Georgia State campus, and whether you’re on a bike, in a car, or walking, chances are that you’ve had to stop dead in your […]

Have a voice, help the Arts

October 2, 2012 James McDougald

We need to hold the arts of the Southeast to a higher standard.  American Literature and Music are from the South, after all.  From roots to blues to jazz to rock-a-billy to rock ‘n’ roll, […]

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