Cover Your A**

October 28, 2012 Ami Dudley

After chugging a large coffee from Saxby’s and sitting in a two hour lecture, many of us find ourselves rushing to the restrooms before our next course. The anticipation of a quick trip, quickly turns […]

In It For The Moments

October 24, 2012 Patrick Duffy

A response to Chris Shattuck’s article “Show Some Respect” from The Signal’s 10/16 issueI do appreciate what Chris Shattuck is trying to sell the Georgia State community, telling students not to wear other university’s apparel on our campus. […]

Panther Pit Stop

October 21, 2012 Ami Dudley

What time did you wake for class this morning? In just enough time to roll out of bed, slap some Crest in your mouth, wipe the golden glory out your eyes, grab your books and […]

Why I’m quitting politics

October 19, 2012 James McDougald

I consider myself informed if not well read by way of current events.  I have some understanding of our economic situation, the ongoing wars in the Middle East, and a general idea of how human […]

We forgot to feed the vegan

October 16, 2012 Ami Dudley

My fellow burger-bitin’, cheese-chompin’, nugget-poppin’, ice cream-scoopin’ students…we have ourselves a problem! We forgot to feed the vegan! Yes the Vegan! That one friend that makes us feel like we’ve committed capital murder on Nemo […]

The state of Church & State

October 16, 2012 Miles Keenlyside

By Miles Keenlyside | Opinions Editor Recently Georgia Representative Rick Crawford representing the 16th district announced that if he is re-elected this upcoming November, he would switch his party affiliations from Democrat to Republican. This […]

MF Fliers

October 9, 2012 Online Editor

Have you ever tried to ‘get the word out’ by taking a bunch of scrap paper and handing them out to strangers so that they can throw it away right after you hand it to […]

Kill the hype!

October 9, 2012 Hunter Bishop

You know what my least favorite thing about sports is? Hype. I mean, seriously. We take these games, hype them up to disproportionately high levels, and then act surprised when they don’t live up to […]

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