Deal’s veto less than commendable

April 8, 2016 John Miller

I have no idea why Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed the infamous Religious Liberty Bill but I’m glad he did. One for two, at least, counting that bull-headed Campus Carry one. Also, I frankly don’t care why […]

Where’s the fair use, YouTube?

March 25, 2016 John Miller

Any of you casual viewers of film review channels on YouTube might have noticed a hashtag appearing on both YouTube and Twitter: #WTFU, which was started on Channel Awesome. It’s short for “Where’s the Fair […]

Opinion: Guns for the good guys

March 13, 2016 John Miller

I’m generally of the school of thought that guns should not be allowed on campus, but I’m hesitant to express that opinion too vehemently, because I don’t have enough information on the topic, and I […]

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