• Booting companies fight to keep $75 standard

    Atlanta City Council held a meeting on June 1 to address citizens’ concerns regarding parking on private property. Several booting company owners attended the meeting to voice their disapproval of recently proposed changes. A meeting was held on June 1, led by City Council Chairman Andrea Boone and Council Member Amir Farokhi, to address several potential changes. Separate from Atlanta’s “Don’t Get The Boot” program, which will soon help resolve parking tickets received from the [...]
  • Mayor signs order addressing immigration policy

    Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms signed an executive order on Wednesday, June 20 that openly calls upon the Trump Administration to reform the United States’ “despicable” immigration policy. The order further prohibits the City of Atlanta Detention Center from holding any new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees. The detainees were being held at the center as part of an agreement between the City of Atlanta and the United States Marshal’s Office. Bottoms said she would [...]
  • Arrest made in murder of Georgia State student at Gwinnett mall

    An arrest has been made following the murder of Georgia State student Silling Man that occured last December. Police arrested Emmett Davis, 21, for aggravated assault and felony murder. It is believed that Man died due to asphyxiation according to Gwinnett County Police spokesman Jake Smith. Man had been dating Davis several weeks before her death. Police believe the two had been living together in hotels during that time. Police had initially ruled her death [...]
  • Governor candidates talk immigration as they enter runoff

    The fight for the republican gubernatorial primary victory has centered on several issues including policies on Medicaid expansion, gun laws, medical marijuana, religious liberty and abortion. On the topic of immigration, it was a competition for the candidate with the toughest policy. On Wednesday, May 16, Michael Williams, Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia, began his Deportation Bus Tour through several sanctuary cities in Georgia. The bus tour gained immediate attention following a video advertisement [...]
  • Abrams moves ahead as Kemp and Cagle fight to run-off

    After Georgia’s May 22 gubernatorial primary, the state is gearing up for a run-off between Republicans Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp. Stacey Abrams, the projected leader for the Democrats, took her win over Stacey Evans. With 75 percent of the Democratic vote, Abrams’ victory was nothing short of a landslide. After results were released, Abrams issued an address, encouraging the rest of the Democratic Party to unify. “I offer my congratulations to Stacey Evans and [...]
  • MARTA announces Atlanta Streetcar acquisition

    The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) announced on Tuesday, May 5 that it will officially take over the Atlanta Streetcar on July 1 and is working to integrate the streetcar into its new Office of Light Rail Operations. The MARTA press release stated that the primary day-to-day functions and maintenance concerns for the rail system will be overseen by the new office. “Communications, human resources, and policing, as well as other support services, will [...]
  • Recent study finds urban tree loss as national issue

    As Georgia heats up for the summer, the temperature may feel warmer due to a steady decrease in urban trees. A recent study released by the U.S. Forest Service states that Georgia is losing its trees faster than any other state in the nation. At an average loss of 18,000 acres a year, Georgia’s canopy is rapidly dissipating. Georgia is third in the nation for percentage of net tree loss, behind Rhode Island and Washington [...]
  • President Franklin Patterson promises improvements within SGA in the year ahead

    Editor’s Note: This article has been updated on June 8 to provide a brief addition addressing what Spotlight’s plans are for the 2018-19 academic year. With the Student Government Association’s new administration, led by SGA President Franklin Patterson, underway, Georgia State students can expect many changes to come in the year ahead. With the passage of two new bills in May, SGA plans to not only be more involved with the student body but to [...]
  • Air pollution in Atlanta worsening amid regulation rollbacks by the Trump administration

    Georgia’s short term ozone pollution has worsened according to the 2018 air quality report by the American Lung Association (ALA). This report came in the midst of several rollbacks on environmental protections by Scott Pruitt, the current administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Britney Reddick, the media coordinator for the ALA, said, “The ‘State of the Air’ 2018 found ozone pollution worsened significantly in 2014 to 2016 compared to the previous report. Many cities [...]
  • Medical marijuana for PTSD: Updates to policy and the ongoing limitations

    House Bill 65 was passed by Georgia legislature and signed by Gov. Nathan Deal on May 8 to continue the expansion of medical marijuana, adding more treatable conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It will take effect on July 1. Dr. Harry Heiman, a clinical associate professor at the Georgia State School of Public Health said, “One of the challenges for medical marijuana is that it hasn’t been studied for most of the conditions that [...]
  • Organizations recognized for giving H.O.P.E.

    On May 1, 2018, the Georgia State University Police Department hosted an awards ceremony recognizing several homeless shelters and individuals who have contributed to combating homelessness in downtown Atlanta. The awards were hosted by Sgt. Joseph Corrigan. The ceremony was opened with prayer and songs sung by the choir from the Stepping Stone Mission Church. The awards were a part of a program started by Chief Joseph Spillane in June 2017 called the Homeless Outreach [...]
  • Cameron Padgett: Identitarian or Racist?

    Posters put up by the Atlanta Antifascists warning against “white nationalist scum” emerged around the downtown campus on the night of April 8. The Atlanta Antifascists organization has published a summary on their website documenting the alleged alt-right agenda of Cameron Padgett, a graduate student at Georgia State. Padgett is the booking agent and legal advocate for Richard Spencer, a white supremacist known for his rallies and attempts to gather support at various college campuses. [...]
  • Atlanta’s plan for 100 percent renewable energy: What’s been done to reach this ambitious goal

    On May 1, 2017, a resolution introduced by Kwanza Hall was passed during the Atlanta City Council that commits Atlanta to transitioning to 100 percent renewable energy. A year later, the Atlanta Office of Resilience has created a plan for the ambitious goal and is taking action now to meet the deadlines. Cicely Garrett, the deputy chief resilience officer for the city of Atlanta Office of Resilience explained the office’s role in policy implementation in [...]
  • A look into what can lead to homelessness

    Homelessness and poverty are widespread issues across the globe and can be caused by a variety of different factors, leading to the many common misconceptions regarding the homeless community. In Atlanta, despite seeing a 25 percent decrease in homeless individuals since 2015, more than 10,000 people were homeless in a 2017 Point-In-Time Homeless Count. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “The homeless count is crucial for meeting federal requirements to continue receiving funds for homeless [...]
  • Georgia State student killed in Dekalb shooting

    A Georgia State student was the victim of a shooting at a Citgo gas station on Columbia Drive in DeKalb County on Tuesday, May 15. He has been identified as 24 year-old senior Jason Williams. He was reported missing by his family after he missed a job orientation that was scheduled for Wednesday morning, according to a Facebook post made by the family. Williams arrived at the gas station with another man who has yet [...]