• Furquan Stafford, photographed by The Signal

    Breaking: University withholds award after failed fact-check revealed

    Last week, Furquan Stafford received an email from Georgia State’s Office of Civic Engagement informing him he was the chosen recipient set to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award, given to university students with volunteer service accomplishments. The only problem? Stafford isn’t enrolled in Georgia State, and hasn’t taken a class since 1997.
  • Weekly News Briefs: Apr. 17

    Local: McIver still in courts, won’t testify on his own behalf The Tex McIver case continues as the former lawyer takes the stand. Two charges about for influencing a witness were dropped by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney. The murder charges are still in play and come from McIver allegedly accidentally shooting his wife in a car while asleep. He also said to the court that he will not be testifying on [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Apr. 17

    April 10 That’s one way to wake up A student at Georgia State was the victim of a simple battery early in the morning at Piedmont North. This isn’t O-K! A suspicious person was spotted in the morning at the K Parking Deck on campus. Bringing green to the Urban city A Georgia State student was arrested for possession of marijuana at the Urban Life Building. April 11 Want a sip, officer? A non-Georgia State [...]
  • Recent protests raise questions regarding on-campus gun safety

    After the Parkland shooting this past February, House Bill 280 (HB280), or “Campus Carry,” and Georgia State’s preparedness in the event of a shooting have once again caused concern among the student body. “I have definitely seen a shift in people’s willingness to openly discuss their own views and openly oppose other people’s views,” Georgia State public policy student Audrey Maloof said. “[Gun violence] shouldn’t be impacting our educational environment. That bothers me.” In 2017, [...]
  • More women in politics, even in Georgia

    The 2016 election race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump served as inspiration for more women to get involved in the political world, and Georgia is no exception. “It’s something that has been building for a long time,” said Georgia State Political Science professor Alexandra Pauley. “The more women we see in positions of power, the more women will aspire to those positions.” This is known as the concept of descriptive representation, wherein a person [...]
  • Atlanta needs to develop its own style to remain in the industry

    In recent years, the Georgia media industry has seen a tremendous growth due in part to the state’s covetable tax incentives for film production. Hundreds of productions have amassed billions of dollars for the state’s economy, and Atlanta is now on the map as the No. 3 overall production center for film and TV. But as the city’s commercial media enterprises continue to flourish, questions have arisen over future sustainability of the industry here and [...]
  • Georgia State’s Recreation Center is paid off, leaving extra money to be used

    As Georgia State’s spring semester begins to wind down, plans for next year are already in the making. One plan, worth over one million dollars, is the reallocation of some student fees. Georgia State’s Atlanta campus is home to roughly 32,464 students. Previously, each student paid $53 towards the recreation center building through required student fees. However, as the building is finished and requires no further funding, the bond used to pay for the building [...]
  • 21 and in recovery: students share struggles of substance abuse in college

    A Georgia State graduate that wished to remain anonymous recalled getting drunk for the first time on the night of her high school graduation party. She told The Signal that while she never really drank much in high school, as she entered her first semester of college at Oglethorpe University and joined a sorority, drinking excessively became a part of her daily routine. “Even though Oglethorpe was a really small school, it still was pretty [...]
  • Patterson Takes SGA Presidency With 52 Percent

    On Thursday, April 5, students cast their final votes to determine their new Student Government Association President. Following a code violation, a runoff election was created between candidates Sai Maddali and Franklin Patterson. Now, four days later, the results are finally in, along with the previously announced winners of the additional leadership positions. With 503 votes (52.51 percent), Franklin Patterson won the seat of SGA President, with Sai Maddali in second with 455 votes (47.49 [...]
  • Weekly News Blotter: Apr. 10

    April 4 Just Guys Being Dudes Four arrests were issued to a group outside Hurt park, for drinking in public, an outstanding warrant and possession of marijuana. Long List An individual was arrested by GSUPD at the Sheraton for the possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, Trespass and the possession of drug-related paraphernalia. April 5 Sexual Battery A Georgia State student reported a case of sexual battery at Piedmont North [...]
  • Weekly News Briefs: Apr. 10

    Local Case Deepens in Atlanta Bribery Scandal On Thursday, April 5, the 11-count indictment of Atlanta politician and pastor Mitzi Bickers was unsealed. The case charged Bickers with conspiracy to commit bribery, money laundering, wire fraud, tampering with a witness or informant, and filing false tax returns. This comes after Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms March, 24 speech to the March for Our Lives, telling the crowd the city is resolute in rooting out corruption from its [...]
  • Counseling and Testing Center: Addressing Wait Times and Other Potential Issues

    With finals season around the corner, more students are finding their way towards the Atlanta Counseling and Testing Center to meet with counselors and get the help they need. Students said that they had different experiences in terms of the quality of service given at the center. The center has had complaints regarding various practices and procedures. One of those complaints had to do with long wait times. “It was kind of discouraging seeking help [...]
  • Hispanic students seek to raise awareness for Latino success programs

    In 2017, Hispanic employees made 29 percent less on average than their white counterparts, according to the Economic Policy Institute. At Georgia State, Hispanic Students are graduating at a rate of 51.1 percent, barely 0.3 percent less than their white counterparts. And organizations across campus are ensuring Hispanic students all see success after graduation. According to the Pew Research center, Hispanic employees haven’t seen much of a wage increase since 1980, despite growing numbers of [...]
  • After a code violation, Maddali and Patterson enter runoff election

    The student body has cast in their votes, and Student Government Association (SGA) elections results are in, but the president has yet to be decided on by voters. Presidential candidates are down to two, as Franklin Patterson and Sai Maddali are competing one last time for the presidential throne. Maddali, a computer science major and president of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization was under the spotlight last week when he violated the SGA Election Commission Code [...]
  • Two bills may better student chances for HOPE scholarship

    Georgia legislators have continued to push forward two bills that could significantly change the chances of financial aid for Georgia students. House Bill 928, first proposed in the House several years ago, aims to extend the HOPE scholarship time limit after receiving a high school diploma or GED from seven to 15 years. The second piece of legislation, Senate Bill 405, proposes a $1,500 per-semester grant for lower income students that do not meet the [...]