• Sleep deprivation in students is worse during winter. Here’s what you can do about it.

    Whether it’s due to stress about the economy or national election, or those pesky smartphones, young people across the country are getting less sleep than ever before. Dr. Daniel Wachtel, Psy. D, is a psychologist who specializes in health psychology, which entails the psychological mechanisms behind some physical illnesses and how psychology can help remedy them. His studies include the psychology behind chronic sleep deprivation. Dr. Wachtel spoke to The Signal about some of the [...]
  • Underage, Under Arrest: The Fake ID Industry

    With the fake ID industry booming across the Georgia State campus, a lot of freshers to the world of false documents may not know getting caught can come with severe consequences.
  • Weekly News Briefs: Feb. 6

    Local Safari Park coming soon to Atlanta Atlanta metropolitan residents can expect to see a safari park soon outside of the Atlanta area. The Georgia Safari Conservation Park is planning the construction near Madison, GA. The animals are from Africa and include giraffes, rhinos, and other African animals. The park will also have events such as tours and feedings. The park also includes a “50-unit boutique that will have an event center for corporate retreats, [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Feb. 6

    Jan 31 Do Not Enter Non-GSU person arrested for unlawful entry into Student Center East. Write this way please Non-GSU person arrested for first degree forgery at Decatur St. and Piedmont. A Free Taxi Non-GSU person arrested at Peachtree and Decatur streets for having outstanding warrants. Feb 1 Swiper no swiping! A snatch theft led to the arrest of a non-GSU person at Langdale Hall. This isn’t Fight Club… GSU student arrested for assaulting an [...]
  • “State of MARTA” address announces sweeping changes to Atlanta transit

    On Jan. 5, press gathered for the 2018 “State of MARTA” address, where changes and updates were announced. These changes are the beginning of expansions to the MARTA network Atlanta residents voted for in November 2016. The tech crowd was delighted to learn about mobile ticketing and expanded wifi access. The biggest announcement, however, was of the complete replacement of all of MARTA’s existing train cars. Details on the contract will be released within the [...]
  • This new course addresses the elephant in the room

    In light of the past months’ high profile sexual harassment accusations, Georgia State is offering a new career seminar on sexual harassment in the workplace. The course will be taught by biology professor Dr. Roberta Attanasio, who is also part of Georgia State’s Women LEAD program, a group of courses designed to help women succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields like tech start-ups and corporate offices. The aim of the seminar is to exercise students’ emotional [...]
  • SI Sessions hurting grades instead of helping them

    Students who take certain introductory philosophy courses, such as PHIL 1010, at Georgia State are now required to attend supplemental instruction sessions in which their attendance is factored into their final grade. The sessions began as voluntary across nearly all subjects offered by Georgia State. The philosophy department made them mandatory following a several-semester trend of declining attendance and overall lack of interest in the sessions several years ago. Students have to attend at least [...]
  • Breaking: GSUPD Searching For Suspicious Women

    Late Wednesday afternoon, Georgia State student Sarah Bharwani claimed to have been approached by two women on campus who are allegedly part of a kidnapping ring. Bharwani posted that she was recently made aware by a friend from Kennesaw State University of a “fake ‘church community’ where an Asian and African American woman are going around campuses asking people if they want to go to Bible study at night in a room.” According to her [...]
  • ‘I am so terribly sorry’: Martinez issues apology

    Martinez withdrew from classes one week ago after facing backlash from students over a Finsta post she made using the N-word. A petition made by Georgia State student India Bridgeforth to expel Martinez received over 500 signatures in three days, prompting the soccer player to withdraw from her classes. On Tuesday morning, Natalia Martinez’s lawyer reached out to The Signal with a statement from Martinez, who said she is very remorseful of her use of [...]
  • Students tackle soccer player’s recent withdrawal

    Natalia Martinez withdrew from her courses on Monday Jan. 22, one day after another Georgia State student began a petition to expel her. Martinez had sparked rage within the Georgia State community after she posted a picture on a private Instagram profile in which she used the N-word. She was temporarily suspended from the women’s soccer team, but students felt that wasn’t enough and ranked up over 700 signatures in the petition calling for Martinez’s [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Jan. 29

    Jan 19 Get Out Challenge! Non-GSU persons were issued a trespass warning and arrest for failure to leave the Georgia State Stadium Complex A beautiful day to walk home Downtown Campus GSU Student’s bike taken from Broad Street remains under investigation. Jan 21 Wait, You aren’t in my class… Non-GSU suspicious person arrested in the Arts and Humanity building Leave us alone! GSU PD is investigating threatening and harassing of GSU Commons residents Jan 22 [...]
  • Weekly News Briefs: Jan 29

    Local Environmental Concerns Following Coal Ash in Georgia Georgia Power plans to close all of its twenty nine ash ponds. Ash ponds were previously used to store the remains of burned coal. Georgia Power plans to stop the use of twenty nine ponds holding the remains of once burned coal and further monitor the ground water and the water supply. They plan to relocate the ash to dry and covered areas, working to stop the [...]
  • Making Atlanta more user-friendly

    Over the past decade, Atlanta has undergone rapid and significant change. Once desolate of offices and business, the city is now a hub for several major companies, including CNN, The Weather Channel, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. This change has provided areas of the city with massive growth and expansion, in particular Midtown and Buckhead, which have seen a booming population in recent years. Bill Torpy, a journalist for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and a resident of [...]
  • Georgia State and Atlanta promote strategies for reducing carbon footprint

    Despite the freezing temperatures these past two weeks, 2017 was still in the top three hottest years on record. The vast majority of scientists maintain that a significant proportion of this change from past decades and centuries is due to human activity. However, as evidenced by some of the President’s notorious tweets, dissolving of the federal advisory committee for the National Climate Assessment and deciding to leave the Paris climate accord, the issue is not [...]
  • Georgia Legislature to look at Monument laws

    Weeks after Confederate monuments were debated in local and national news, the issue might see new rules in Georgia with a set of bills in the state legislature this session. Versions of the bill appear in both the House and the Senate, sponsored by representatives Mary Margaret Oliver and Elena Parent respectively. Previously, it was Georgia law that local governments could not remove or conceal monuments on state land. Since most offending monuments are on [...]