• Students ticketed, one arrested in Library Plaza

    An undercover Georgia State University Police Department officer confronted and charged two Georgia State students in Library Plaza for possession of marijuana on Thursday afternoon. At least two undercover officers were present during the incident. The disguised officers were accompanied by three other uniformed GSUPD officers. The undercover officer who questioned the students primarily focused on one of the individuals who was in possession of marijuana along with various drug paraphernalia such as rolling papers. [...]
  • SGA supports federal transparency act

    Senators erupted into debate Thursday evening on the topic of endorsing the College Transparency Act. A bill, intended to throw SGA’s official support behind the federal act, was introduced to the senate by Sen. Jazmin Mejia. Former Executive Vice President Briana Stanley was present at Thursday’s meeting as an advocate for the bill, and many senators referred to her for questions. After almost 30 minutes of discussion on the act’s purpose and parameters, the senate [...]
  • Surprise! Library Plaza’s about to be demolished

    Library Plaza is slated to be demolished sometime in February or March alongside Kell Hall, according to Vice President for Facilities Ramesh Vakamudi. “It could be February/March 2019 before we start Kell Hall/Library Plaza demolition,” Vakamudi said. The demolition comes months after a “Library Masterplan” was announced in January that laid the groundwork for renovating Library North and eventually Library Plaza. Students currently use the plaza as a place to gather, smoke and table for [...]
  • Abrams disputes Kemp’s self-declared victory

    In one of the most-watched races in the U.S. this election season, Republican Brian Kemp crowned himself victor of the governor’s office against Democratic opponent Stacey Abrams in the early hours of Wednesday, Nov. 7. As the election creeped further into Tuesday night with no clear victor, many onlookers — most notably, Abrams herself — believed a runoff to be likely. “To the voters tonight, I say — if I wasn’t your first choice as [...]
  • SGA takes a stand on homelessness in Atlanta

    The Student Government Association is creating the foundation for a permanent committee to address homelessness in Atlanta — specifically within Georgia State’s student population. At their latest university-wide meeting on Nov. 1, SGA voted to establish an ad hoc Homelessness Committee that will work with non-governmental organizations in Atlanta to provide aid and resources to the homeless. The committee was sponsored by Sen. Cherilyn Munoz and gained unanimous support. Several senators volunteered to join the [...]
  • Abrams vs. Kemp: Are their policies possible?

    In one of the most watched gubernatorial races in the nation, Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams have been relentless in rallying their bases to increase voter participation and involvement. For both candidates, one of the hardest issues they will address is the lack of executive power the governor’s office holds, according to associate professor of political science Daniel Franklin. “In policy making, the governor is very involved. In terms of carrying out policy, [...]
  • Gwinnett County’s absentee ballots cause rumble as Abrams faces Kemp

    Hundreds of absentee ballots have recently been rejected in Gwinnett County during the Brian Kemp versus Stacey Abrams governor’s race. Amy Gardner, a reporter for The Washington Post, revealed that more than 1,200 ballots have been rejected statewide. The primary location where voters have been affected is in Gwinnett County. “It remains unknown why Gwinnett County, Georgia’s second-largest county, is rejecting the most absentee ballots in the state. But voting rights advocates have told the [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotters: Nov. 5

    Oct. 29 Can’t I just pay the ticket? Two non-student offenders were arrested around 4 p.m on a charge of marijuana possession in Hurt Park. Urban exploration A trespass warning was issued to a non-student around 8:30 a.m. in the Urban Life building. Oct. 31 A lost trick-or-treater A trespass warning was issued to a non-Georgia State student at 10:10 a.m. in Student Center East. That’s not candy! Two people were arrested on a charge [...]
  • Weekly News Briefs: Nov. 5

    LOCAL Storage facility broken into, several units compromised A storage facility in Atlanta wasn’t as secure as its customers expected after a thief broke into several of the units. The thief broke locks and cut wires to enter units, according to one of the victims. There have been several break-ins at the facility in previous months. According to WSB-TV, one of the victims said, “They should get cameras, you know, throughout the facility, in the [...]
  • Is climate change the new apocalypse?

    The world now has a ticking clock of just about 12 years left to get a hold of climate change before it gets a hold of us, according to a United Nations climate change report. But, what if people simply don’t care enough? Issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the report described a grim reality of a world plagued by worsening food shortages, extreme storms, threatened ecosystems, wildfires and the displacement of millions [...]
  • “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it”: A Modern-Day Exorcist

    Exorcist Bishop Bryan D. Ouellette, now “semi-retired,” spends his time expelling demons. His sermon on Sept. 16 began with a verse from Matthew 16:25, one of the most difficult verses he said it was for him to teach. This particular sermon often serves as an instruction for one of the more difficult rituals in Catholicism: exorcisms. THE CHURCH Ouellette’s Holy Nicholean Catholic Church is tucked between a tattoo parlor and sports equipment shop in Cartersville, [...]
  • Georgia State paranormal investigation finds potential evidence in Kell Hall

    Do you believe in ghosts? With a little skepticism but an open mind, The Signal brought a paranormal investigator to Georgia State to answer one question: Is our campus haunted? The team was accompanied by Georgia State University Police Department Officer Hyron Catlyn as a police escort and Jennifer Spear, the paranormal investigator who blogs under the name “The Haunted Feminist.” The following story should be considered with a healthy dose of skepticism. These are [...]
  • “The dog bit me.”

    A student said she was bit outside of Library North by another student’s dog Tuesday afternoon. The student, declining to give her name, said she asked the other student if the dog was a service animal. “I asked if it was okay to pet the dog,” she said. “When I went to pet the dog, the dog bit me.” However, a witness that was with a group of other students when the incident occured said [...]
  • Where are they going, where have they been?

    This article was corrected at 11:51 a.m. on Nov. 11, 2018, to include the most up-to-date information. “It’s not they don’t want to be found. I think it’s more if they are found, then what?” Laura Norton said of abducted Grady Memorial Hospital babies. “Once you find these children, who are now adults, the story’s not over.” Grady Hospital was No. 1 for highest infant abductions in 2006 from a near-20-year study conducted by the [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotters: Oct. 29

    Oct. 22 Training wheels? Off. Law? Broke. Me? Zoomin’. A Georgia State student reported a bicycle theft at the University Lofts first level parking deck at 12:29 p.m. Oct. 24 Blazin’ near Broad A Georgia State student was arrested at Aderhold Learning Center on a charge of marijuana possession. Oct. 25 Oh, I thought yellow meant speed up? Someone not affiliated with Georgia State was arrested at Edgewood Avenue and Peachtree Street on a charge [...]