• College Law students offering pro-bono defense for struggling renters

    It is common knowledge Atlanta has a housing affordability problem. The city has made headlines for not only its unaffordable rent prices but also its recent eviction problems. That’s where the Atlanta Housing Court Assistance Center comes in. The Center began as the Fulton County Answers Clinic in 2016 but closed in August 2017. It reopened Oct. 3, 2017, as the Housing Court Assistance Center through a coalition between the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, the [...]
  • Officials are finally taking a stand against human trafficking

    Atlanta is no stranger to human trafficking. The city has become one of the greatest hubs across the nation for the commercial use of younger women that often involves sexual exploitation. So it’s no wonder the student body is hyper-vigilant when roaming the streets of Downtown. Two weeks ago, Georgia State’s campus was shaken up by students alleging being approached by two suspicious women claiming to be a part of a religious group that many [...]
  • Proposed Georgia amendment changes official language, shunning immigrants

    New proposed Senate Resolution 587 takes another stab at making English Georgia’s official language. State senator Joshua McKoon proposed the resolution on Jan. 18, 2018, and thinks this piece of legislation will not only reduce taxpayers’ money spent on government translations, but will also push non-native speakers to pursue learning English. “There’s obviously a cost associated with the government making written documents available in different languages,” he told The Signal. “If you could avoid that [...]
  • Health clinic addresses two needed improvements

    When you think of a student health center, you likely imagine free sexual health resources, like condoms and informational pamphlets. But for the past several months, those condoms have been hidden behind the counter, leaving students under the impression that they were no longer offered.
  • Tinder dominates the dating world, but how does it compare to traditional dating?

    Online dating services began to pop up with the growing popularity of the Internet, following 1995-created, which inspired the rapid boom of meet-n-chat websites for couples-to-be. A 2016 study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 15 percent of Americans use an online service or app to aid in their search for a partner, and 59 percent of adults continue to feel that meeting someone online was “a good way to meet people.” [...]
  • Weekly News Briefs: Feb. 12

    Local An easier adoption system House Bill 159, the adoption bill, passed through the Georgia Senate last Monday, sending the hopeful piece of legislation to Gov. Nathan Deal’s office for a signature or veto. HB159 passed in the Senate with a 53-2 vote and a unanimous vote in the House. The bill would make the adoption process in Georgia easier, shortening the time birth mothers have to change their minds on giving a child up. [...]
  • A new Library is coming to Georgia State

    On Jan. 24, Dean of Libraries Jeff Steely sponsored an informational session for students, unveiling the university’s new plans for Library North and South. Partnering with design firm Pfeiffer Partners, the university is expecting to kick off construction in the next few years. For the new plans, Pfeiffer asked for student and faculty feedback. They created a steering committee comprised of multiple student leaders such as SGA executive Markeesa Walker, graduate student Jeremy Land and [...]
  • How the Recreation Center is using data to transform

    Students who regularly utilize the recreation center may have noticed the changes in facilities over the past year. Last summer, the weight room was renovated with better flooring and new equipment, and the security was upgraded to fingerprints instead of having to use PantherCards to enter. Part II of the recreation center’s upgrades took place over Winter Break, which included resurfacing of the exercise room on the main floor and overhauling the welcome desk. According [...]
  • Sleep deprivation in students is worse during winter. Here’s what you can do about it.

    Whether it’s due to stress about the economy or national election, or those pesky smartphones, young people across the country are getting less sleep than ever before. Dr. Daniel Wachtel, Psy. D, is a psychologist who specializes in health psychology, which entails the psychological mechanisms behind some physical illnesses and how psychology can help remedy them. His studies include the psychology behind chronic sleep deprivation. Dr. Wachtel spoke to The Signal about some of the [...]
  • Underage, Under Arrest: The Fake ID Industry

    With the fake ID industry booming across the Georgia State campus, a lot of freshers to the world of false documents may not know getting caught can come with severe consequences.
  • Weekly News Briefs: Feb. 6

    Local Safari Park coming soon to Atlanta Atlanta metropolitan residents can expect to see a safari park soon outside of the Atlanta area. The Georgia Safari Conservation Park is planning the construction near Madison, GA. The animals are from Africa and include giraffes, rhinos, and other African animals. The park will also have events such as tours and feedings. The park also includes a “50-unit boutique that will have an event center for corporate retreats, [...]
  • Weekly Crime Blotter: Feb. 6

    Jan 31 Do Not Enter Non-GSU person arrested for unlawful entry into Student Center East. Write this way please Non-GSU person arrested for first degree forgery at Decatur St. and Piedmont. A Free Taxi Non-GSU person arrested at Peachtree and Decatur streets for having outstanding warrants. Feb 1 Swiper no swiping! A snatch theft led to the arrest of a non-GSU person at Langdale Hall. This isn’t Fight Club… GSU student arrested for assaulting an [...]
  • “State of MARTA” address announces sweeping changes to Atlanta transit

    On Jan. 5, press gathered for the 2018 “State of MARTA” address, where changes and updates were announced. These changes are the beginning of expansions to the MARTA network Atlanta residents voted for in November 2016. The tech crowd was delighted to learn about mobile ticketing and expanded wifi access. The biggest announcement, however, was of the complete replacement of all of MARTA’s existing train cars. Details on the contract will be released within the [...]
  • This new course addresses the elephant in the room

    In light of the past months’ high profile sexual harassment accusations, Georgia State is offering a new career seminar on sexual harassment in the workplace. The course will be taught by biology professor Dr. Roberta Attanasio, who is also part of Georgia State’s Women LEAD program, a group of courses designed to help women succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields like tech start-ups and corporate offices. The aim of the seminar is to exercise students’ emotional [...]
  • SI Sessions hurting grades instead of helping them

    Students who take certain introductory philosophy courses, such as PHIL 1010, at Georgia State are now required to attend supplemental instruction sessions in which their attendance is factored into their final grade. The sessions began as voluntary across nearly all subjects offered by Georgia State. The philosophy department made them mandatory following a several-semester trend of declining attendance and overall lack of interest in the sessions several years ago. Students have to attend at least [...]