• Advisement advice: the numbers behind GSU advisement efficiency

    The University Advisement Center often receives a bad rep from students who share their complicated experiences. After crunching some numbers and reaching out to Timothy Renick, the senior vice president for Student Success, The Signal found that compared the the national average of 1 adviser per 300 students, Georgia State’s Advisement Center is actually lower than average at one adviser per 239 students. In 2011, the ratio was double it is now, at 700-to-1. But [...]
  • It’s not the White House, but it’ll do: SGA president receives housing stipend

    Every Student Government Association president from this year, starting with the 89th administration, forward will receive a $3,000 credit per semester off their university housing costs. But it doesn’t stop there, when this $6,000 stipend is added to the compensation of about $7,000 a year, the current president – given no changes – and all subsequent presidents net approximately $13,000 per year from the university. SGA President Franklin Patterson said he was told by Corey [...]
  • Graduate challenges professor for 7th District

    Next year, students will head to the polls with an interesting decision: Should a Georgia State professor or a Georgia State graduate represent them in the 7th Congressional District? Carolyn Bourdeaux, a 2018 Democratic candidate for District 7, was a novice to the political scene last year. A professor within the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, she ran on Medicaid expansion and affordable college education. Despite being a first-time candidate, Bourdeaux came incredibly close [...]
  • SJB overturns Election Code violation for two candidates

    This article was updated on March 11 to include that candidates Fields and Calixte succeeded in the appeal process of their potential Election Code violations. Not two weeks into election season, three candidates were initially accused of being in violation of the Student Government Association’s Election Code. Presidential candidate Shay’na Fields, Executive Vice President candidate Jessie Calixte were brought before the Student Judicial Board in reference to Article 3, section 4 C and D for [...]
  • Student wields kitchen knife, lunges for gun during GSUPD confrontation

    Update: An earlier version of this story stated the man was wielding a machete. In fact, the man had “a large kitchen knife” and is a Georgia State student. The story has been updated with further details. A student was apprehended by Georgia State University Police Department officers on Wednesday morning inside of the University Lofts. The student had reportedly “freaked out,” according to his roommates, and he was under the influence of an unknown [...]
  • Here’s who is running for SGA President in 2019

    The 2019 SGA presidential race brings the largest candidate pool in over 10 years. The winner will succeed President Franklin Patterson and lead the 90th Administration.
  • Counseling center lacking counselors

    The increase in suicides and other mental health issues has opened the eyes of many Americans to the importance of mental health awareness and intervention. However, the increase in awareness and demand has left many counseling and therapy centers struggling to keep up. The Georgia State Counseling and Testing Center is no exception to this struggle. The university’s student-to-counselor ratio is significantly lower than other major universities in Georgia. For comparison, the University of Georgia [...]
  • Are students getting more involved?

    Has student involvement and participation decreased or increased on campus? Students often speculate about Georgia State’s school spirit and their own willingness to get involved, so it was time to go straight to the source. The Signal conducted a poll with responses from 31 organizations that participated in this semester’s Student Organization Fair. The poll found that, ultimately, it depends on the organization. The activity of students within student organizations was defined by two concepts. [...]
  • Georgia State’s award-winning student media

    Georgia State student media organizations have been busy the past week, attending – and winning – a variety of competitions and awards. The Signal and NeoNetwork’s, formally GSTV, Panther Report News and Primetime Sportz took some of the biggest awards in conferences held in Georgia and across the Southeast. Southeastern Journalism Conference – Murfreesboro, Tn. Sixteen students from Georgia State attended the Southeast Journalism Conference from Feb. 14-16 at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, [...]
  • “You know you want this”

    “You have to sell the idea that his fantasy is being fulfilled and payment isn’t the reason why it’s happening,” Poseidon said, “Do I play the ‘I need help’ role? Or do I play the ‘choke him in the throat while holding his hand behind his back’ role?” These work-related questions circle in some Georgia State student’s heads. Their occupation: stripping. POSEIDON Poseidon, who wished to be referred to by his stage name for privacy, [...]
  • Can the Student Health Clinic hide its prices from patients?

    As of Jan. 1, 2019, all hospitals in the U.S. are now legally required to publish the cost of their procedures and items online for public access. This new law is both a more specific and more enforced version of a policy originally included in the Affordable Care Act. This list, often released in what is referred to as a chargemaster, will list everything offered at the hospital – from heart surgery to a tablet [...]
  • Five SGA officials went to Israel for free. That may have violated their constitution.

    When they’re sworn in, Student Government Association officers vow to uphold and adhere to their constitution. But a recent 10-day trip to Israel five officers embarked on — entirely free of charge — raises concern over a potential violation of those vows. The SGA constitution — specifically article 4, section 4.3 — requires SGA members to “not accept gifts exceeding $5.00 in value from individuals or organizations (except SGA) for performing [their] official SGA duties.” [...]
  • No Picture

    Urban doctorate program rolls out of AYSPS

    Applications have opened this month for the Urban Studies doctorate program developed by the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies’ Urban Studies Institute at Georgia State. Jennifer Marquez, associate director of PR & Communications at Georgia State, has provided news about Georgia State’s first urban doctorate program. The program itself is composed of competitive funding opportunities for up to four years at $22,000 a year. In addition, students can attain a tuition waiver, with 15-hour [...]
  • Indigenous people and Southern tensions: how a professor connects two conflicting narratives

    “The stories we tell each other and ourselves matter,” Gina Caison, an English professor who specializes in Southern and Native American Studies at Georgia State, said. “Sometimes we think, ‘Oh, they’re just stories,’ but obviously they’re not. We do shape a lot of our reality through language and storytelling, so it’s important to gather as many perspectives as we can.” Caison bridges two estranged narratives: Southern Literary Studies and Native American Literary Studies, and tells [...]
  • Controversial election bill defeated at SGA senate meeting

    With the Student Government Association elections on the horizon, Sen. Jessica Siemer introduced a bill at the Jan. 31 university-wide SGA senate meeting to enact stricter election violation repercussions. The piece of legislation, sponsored by Atlanta Election Commission Logistics Chair Christopher Garcia-Velazquez and Atlanta Election Commission Communications Chair Kalisha-Lourdy Lazare, was defeated with a vote of five for, nine against and nine abstaining. Siemer’s bill would implement a total vote reduction on a candidates final [...]