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NEWS Briefs 10/21


DeKalb creating ethics hotline

A confidential hotline for governmental employees to report unethical behavior has been created in DeKalb County, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Employees received a memo on Oct. 16 encouraging them to report actions such as theft, fraud and financial irregularities. A third-party provider will manage the hotline to maintain confidentiality and the reports will be shared with the county’s auditor for investigation.

URGE Abortion


U.S. Vice President’s son discharged from Navy

U.S. officials confirmed Hunter Biden, Vice President Joe Biden’s son, was discharged from the Navy Reserves after testing positive for cocaine this year, according to CNN. A month after being assigned as a public affairs officer at a Norfolk, Virginia-based reserve unit, the reserve member tested positive for the drug. The vice president’s office did not comment on the discharge.


Everyman Theatre wins award for best new building of the year

Wake Forest University

The Everyman Theatre located in Liverpool, England was awarded the Riba Stirling Prize, the Royal Institute of British Architects’ highest honor, for the best new building of the year after being remodeled, according to BBC News. The project cost £27m, took nine years to complete and features over 105 punched aluminum panels portraying life-sized images of Liverpool residents.

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