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MTV’s college network makes proposal to Georgia State

Starting fall 2014 mtvU, MTV’s college network will attempt to become a daily part of the campus life at Georgia State. mtvU has proposed to install monitors on campus to play its channeling, according to Associate Director for the Building of Administration David Murkison.


Credit: mtvU


The Student*University Center Advisory Council, which had its first meeting on June 19, will vote on the proposal in September. After the vote, Georgia State officials must approve the contract before the installation of the monitors begins.

“If the proposal goes through, we would put monitors in the Student Center Courtyard area,” Murkison said.

This area has a high traffic of students, but the monitors would not interfere with the other functions of the center. Murkison said other locations could also be considered if the university accepts the proposal.

Students who live on campus already have access to mtvU on channel 72 of their televisions, according to Kristen Mullarkey, Manager of Distribution and Marketing at mtvU.

“We would like to provide some TVs in the Student University Center, so students who don’t live on campus can watch mtvU and enjoy all of the benefits of the channel,” Mullarkey said.

Over 750 campuses broadcast the station, reaching more than 8 million students, according to a promotional pamphlet Mullarkey provided The Signal. See graphics for details.

“The heart of the channel is music videos from emerging artists that can’t be seen anywhere else, in addition to the best student-produced content, original short-form series, hourly news updates, student life features, pro-social initiatives, and a wide variety of features on every aspect of campus life,” she said.

There are several ways for students to interact with mtvU, according to Mullarkey.

“mtvU is always on campus, with exclusive concerts and giveaways, in addition to distributing grants and scholarships, as well as shooting mtvU series and more,” she said.

Senior nursing major, Paolo Gilleran, sees the partnership with mtvU as a positive move for the university.

“I feel like this is another step in the right direction for Georgia State,” Gilleran said. “I would definitely participate in events that they would hold on campus. Another major company present on campus will open doors for many of Georgia State’s aspiring artists.”

Students can submit works such as short-films and music to the channel. There are also opportunities for engaging in social projects. MtvU awards grants to students who propose ideas to benefit the community, according to Mullarkey.

“College students are engines for social change and mtvU places heavy emphasis on giving them opportunities and resources to make a positive impact in their community and worldwide,” she said. “In partnership with Youth Venture, “mtvU Grants” awards students and groups that propose compelling and sustainable social entrepreneurship projects with up to $1,000.”

Senior Jasmine Akakpo, a film major and a journalism minor, participates in several movie projects during the year. She sees mtvU on the Georgia State campus as an opportunity.

“I know myself along with a lot of other film students make projects year round,” Akakpo said. “I hope mtvU will be a platform that can take students ambitions in the industry to the next level.”


Credit: mtvU



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