A flame in the darkness

September 25, 2018 Angel Nelson 0

Editor’s Note: The following address, unedited and in full, was requested to be published in The Signal by Student Government Association President Franklin Patterson. I ran on three words, “Spark the flame”. Words that have […]

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Mutiny In The White House

September 19, 2018 Shari Celestine 0

Thanks to the arrival of an anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times last week, we now know there is a resistance within the White House working to frustrate parts of President Donald Trump’s […]

Letters from the Editor

You won’t see this policy up in smoke

September 12, 2018 Daniel Varitek 1

Forget enforcing the no-smoking policy. And forget creating a designated area, too. The discussion of smoking on Georgia State’s downtown campus requires a more nuanced approach than you might think. In September of last year, […]

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It’s us again

September 11, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

Following Nike’s featuring (and implicit endorsement) of Colin Kaepernick in a recent ad, public backlash was severe. The Nike ad enraged a range of feelings, provoking some concerned citizens and political activists to destroy their […]

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On the importance of voting

September 4, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

We aren’t going to convince you to vote. The news is enough to convince you. Instead, we’re going to explain why voting is absolutely necessary. Democracy gives power to the people—the majority of people, in […]


The fair’s not fair

August 28, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

The Student Organization Fair, affectionately shortened to Org. Fair, being hosted at the Georgia State Stadium on Sept. 6 is the opposite of “fair.” For the past several years, the fair has been held within […]

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