Riots Ignite in Hermanus

April 3, 2018 James Fox 1

Hundreds of people blacked out the horizon on the hills over Hermanus, South Africa yesterday. A video from @The_Kaaplander on Twitter shows men charging into the quiet neighborhood, kicking up a cloud of dust like […]


Socialism Not the Solution

March 23, 2018 James Fox 4

Marxism is an ideology that is dangerous and oppressive, and its popularity within our generation is chilling. Whether it goes by the name Communism, Democratic-Socialism or more recently, Progressivism, it’s a system that is kept […]


Editorial: Traveling is the way to go

March 23, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “To travel is to live,” and how right was he! Truly underestimated, the powers of traveling are immensely invaluable and can cure absolutely anything–most notably, ignorance. Spending time in other parts […]


The New Opium War

March 8, 2018 James Fox 2

Dead bodies are piling up in the streets of Atlanta because of a deadly, ultra-powerful opioid called Fentanyl. In recent weeks, President Donald Trump has called for an end to the fentanyl trade. Richard Baum, […]


Turning it Off and Back On Again

February 27, 2018 The Editorial Staff 0

Recently, we’ve had more and more professors experimenting with asking the class to put all their tech devices away. Chances are, you’ve had this experience as well — an increasing number of professors (including those […]

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