Georgia will face danger from climate change

November 15, 2018 Ada Wood 0

Science has proven that the Earth’s climate is changing. 97 percent of actively publishing climate scientists agree that human activity is the cause for change. According to NASA, climate change will drastically reshape the planet […]

Campus News

Advisement center angst

November 14, 2018 William Solomons 1

With the semester nearly over, students flock to the University Advisement Center to get advice on their classes and to better mould their schedule so that they can graduate on time with a degree. However, […]


Weekly Crime Blotters: Nov. 12

November 12, 2018 Signal Staff 0

Nov. 4 Cheaper than Goodwill A student reported their laundry stolen at 4:38 p.m. in the University Commons Building A. Nov. 6 Doyouknowwheremycaris? *burp* A non-student was arrested for drinking in public and was issued […]

Campus News

SGA supports federal transparency act

November 9, 2018 William Solomons 0

Senators erupted into debate Thursday evening on the topic of endorsing the College Transparency Act. A bill, intended to throw SGA’s official support behind the federal act, was introduced to the senate by Sen. Jazmin […]

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