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What Classrooms of the Future Will Look Like

October 9, 2018 Josh Winston 0

From green chalkboards to overhead projectors, smart boards to the proliferation of laptops and tablets, the way in which technology is utilized in learning environments has changed rapidly. But, if all of these wild technological […]

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Typecast on Tinder

September 12, 2018 Sydney Bloeme 0

“Are you submissive?” “Are you one of those Asian girls that likes white men?” These are the kind of messages Angela Besso, a Korean-American student at Georgia State, regularly receives on Tinder. She said she […]

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Your brain on stress is not a pretty sight

September 11, 2018 Sara Abdulla 1

Young adults are stressed out. Well over 40 percent of young adults had a clinical psychiatric disorder, often resulting from stress, in the past year. Mental disorders resulting from elephantine levels of environmental stress, the […]

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