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March turned violent on Georgia Tech’s campus

A Georgia Tech police car being towed from the scene of a protest that turned violent. Photo by Ethan Mitcham | The Signal
A Georgia Tech police car being towed after being set on fire when protests took a violent turn at Georgia Tech over the fatal shooting of a student by police the day prior, September 19, 2017. Photo by Ethan Mitcham | The Signal

Protests have erupted, after a gathering for Scout Schultz, a Georgia Tech student shot and killed by Georgia Tech police, turned violent, when protesters fired flares into Georgia Tech Police cars and began assaulting the police.  

Georgia Tech has sent out multiple alerts telling students to stay inside, lock all their doors, and to stay away from Hemphill Avenue.

According to John Edwards, a student at Georgia Tech, students have been chanting “F— the Police” while marching around Georgia Tech’s west campus. Videos posted by Georgia Tech student Sebastian Gonzalez show police detaining one of the protesters at the scene.

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Agnes Scott student and freelance writer, Alex Brown, confirmed a gas being used by police or protesters and gave more information on the protests.

“There was a peaceful candlelit vigil followed by a march, we marched to the GA Tech PD office and that’s when things started getting crazy with violence and tear gas” Alex Brown stated in  through twitter. “It may have been a smoke bomb, there were a lot of things going on as well as firecrackers. Someone said tear gas but I can’t be sure.”

There have also been reports from students that the protesters may not be affiliated with Georgia Tech. Many students on campus through social media networks such as reddit, twitter, and snapchat have been referring to the group as being part of ANTIFA.

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