Show off your skills. Join The Signal.

“I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.”

— Tom Stoppard

Step into The Signal for an opportunity to sharpen your skills in writing, editing, photography, videography, advertising, marketing and designing. As the Georgia State newspaper, we cater to all six campuses and are always hiring students interested in kickstarting their career. Aside from being the best destination for all students interested in investigative journalism and writing, The Signal is home to a talented collection of digital trailblazers. Between graphic design, web development and videography, The Signal offers experience and involvement in fields necessary for a modern career in journalism.

Maybe you’d like to tackle politics in Atlanta. Or, perhaps you’re interested in architecting campus-wide marketing campaigns. Looking to test your skills in HTML or PHP? What about digital art? The Signal is an all-encompassing organization at Georgia State – plus we look great on résumés!

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Editorial Department

The editorial department of The Signal consists of four sections: News, Opinions, Arts & Living and Sports. Each section is lead by a section editor on the Atlanta campus. On the Perimeter campus, staff writers report to a bureau chief.

News, Sports and Arts & Living

The Sports section of The Signal is dedicated to covering athletic events at Georgia State. This largely consists of coverage of the Athletics Department and its roster of sports throughout each team’s season, through a combination of game reviews, seasonal analysis, pre- and post-season reviews, player and coach profiles and updates on recent scores. The News section of The Signal is dedicated to covering hard news topics pertaining to Georgia State University and its community. The Arts & Living section of The Signal is dedicated to covering entertainment and other related topics of relevance to the Georgia State community.


The Signal’s Production department is dedicated to producing quality visual graphics. These graphics are used for print stories, in-house advertisements, campus marketing campaigns and web-focused projects.

Marketing and Advertising

The Marketing department of The Signal is dedicated to providing maximum exposure for The Signal on all Georgia State campuses for both print and online platforms. Our Advertising department is dedicated to receiving and managing all external advertising for The Signal. They also assist the student media business coordinator with external ad payment.


The Opinions section of The Signal is dedicated to covering student opinions on relevant issues to the Georgia State community. Topics include a mix of campus, Atlanta and Perimeter based topics, national, global, political and pop culture subjects. The Opinions section is the only section of The Signal that currently allows non-staff members to submit work for publishing. To submit any work, email

Digital & Video

The web department oversees The Signal’s overall digital platforms including, social media, and video. The primary focus of the web department is to aid and improve the storytelling of The Signal through the design and development of creative online solutions.


The Photography section is dedicated to covering stories for online and print. Photography is lead by either the photography editor on the Atlanta campus or the photography editor on the Perimeter campus. Occasionally, photographers will assist the Marketing and Production departments with in-house advertisements.