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Your Hypocrite is Showing: Why students should ignore protestors in the plaza

How many of us have been harassed and bombarded by those church protesters with picket signs, flyers and overly dramatic speeches about how we’re all going to hell?

I remember having a flyer literally shoved in my face, even after I declined to take it. Then there was one time when someone was standing on the corner of Courtland and Gilmer reading scripture from the Bible and I saw him follow a student as he was crossing the street, chastising him for being “gay” and telling him to “repent now.” (I have no clue as to how he knew that student’s sexual orientation.)

I’ve seen other incidents, as I’m sure we all have, but for those who aren’t Christian or those who have a strong dislike for Christians or Christianity, I want you all to understand this:

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Picketing “sinners” and harassing people is not what Christianity is all about. Every time you see one of those pseudo-religious people in Plaza, know that they are not a reflection of all Christians, and they certainly are not followers of  Jesus Christ.

I’m a Christian and I try and practice the teachings of Jesus Christ and He taught love.

While I would love for others to know Him, I would never force His teachings on anyone under any circumstances.

Hear me out: Jesus taught us to love one another as we would love ourselves. He did not tell us to love straight people only or love only people with blonde hair or love only those who look like you. No person on this Earth is less than human, and everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

So if those protestors in the Plaza are Christians, yet they harass, offend, insult, and codemn people, doesn’t that seem a little…what’s the word I’m looking for…hypocritical?

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Whether you’re a Christian or not, you can’t possibly love someone if you’re using derogatory statements toward them.

You can’t possibly love someone if you’re ashamed to be seen with them because of who they are or what they look like. You can’t possibly love someone if you’re condemning them all of the time about things you know nothing about.

I could see if these pseudo-religious people were passing out flyers for Bible study or a church event, but all they’re doing is insulting people and ultimately doing the opposite of what they feel Jesus wants them to do and I highly doubt that He wants that. Really, though.

Your goal is to help me find Jesus, but you’re damning me when you don’t even know me or my story. Get out of here!

This is not a piece to get anyone to convert to Christianity. I’m writing this piece to bring some understanding.

True Christians, meaning followers of Jesus Christ and pupils of His teachings, have a deep and unconditional love in their hearts for mankind. We simply love. We’re not perfect, and we know not to throw rocks when we, ourselves, live in glass houses.

Students, do not listen to those protestors. Do not give them any attention. They are walking contradictions and they certainly aren’t true Christians. They are nothing but self-righteous hypocrites.

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