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College can be a financial and spiritual leech that leaves students a bit hopeless at times. However, within that academic epidemic, there is a phoenix rising out of the ashes that may have seen the light of day since grade school: creativity. Yes, college is the time that this side really shines and surprises. Whether its free food, free stuff, or free utilities, there are ways Georgia State provides.

GSU Post Office

Need something mailed like your return textbooks or letters to Mom and Dad? Don’t want to go all the way down Ponce to mail it? Have no fear, because Georgia State has its very own post office located on the second to bottom floor of Kell Hall. This fully operational United States Post Office closes at 4 P.M., which gives you plenty of time to fulfill all your student mailing problems.

Student Center Hallway

Looking for the ultimate study spot? Look no further than the hallway on the third floor of the Student Center. Filled with comfortable chairs and bountiful outlets, this study space makes it difficult to find a better study spot. Perfect when on a break between classes or when the library is a bit too full (especially clutch during finals week). If the stomach gets empty during studying, this spot is connected to the Chick-fil-A and Georgia State food court that is only a sky bridge walk away.


One of Georgia State’s greatest assets for a student on a budget but craving entertainment is Cinefest. Cinefest is Georgia State’s very own theater that shows recent movies before they’re available to “find” on the internet. Besides the great movies, Cinefest offers a great (and cheap!) snack selection. Popcorn is sold for a dollar or two, and the candy is cheaper than anywhere else on campus. Not to mention, the movies are free.





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Library DVD Collection

When envisioning a library, many think of only books, but Georgia State’s library is used for so much more. Not only is it a cozy home for stressed, hardworking heads, but it houses an impressive collection of movies, TV seasons, educational films, documentaries, etc. all on DVD and some on VHS (what is that?). All are available to check out, and there are some true gems in there, from TV series long off Netflix and Hulu to classic movies. Georgia State’s collection contains anything from Gone with the Wind to Spirited Away. Be cautious though, the late fees for DVDs are a bit heavy. However, there is a one-time forgiveness fee for those who are a bit forgetful.

Free Scantrons and Blue Books in Student Center

A prepared student has their scantrons and blue books ready for a test. But for those arriving to a class where everyone has scantrons on their desk and don’t have time (or money) to buy some, the Student Government Association office on the fourth floor of the student center is a saving grace. And, of course, the cherry on top, it is completely free.

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