Georgia State’s sassy comeback to weather concerns

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Wednesday morning, Georgia State students took to Twitter to protest the university’s decision to not cancel class despite harsh weather conditions.

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Following @GeorgiaStateU’s first tweet about the weather, informing students that campuses will remain open, students were enraged to find sassy responses to their concerns about the weather.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Metro Atlanta as well as other parts of North Georgia are part of a tornado watch that is set to expire at 8 p.m.

Kassidy Christian called the twitter account out for not taking the weather seriously, to which Georgia State’s twitter responded with “IDK if you know this, but I don’t decide to cancel classes.. I just respond to your tweets. #sorry.”

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University spokeswoman Andrea Jones said there was a new employee on the job that mishandled the situation.

“A new employee took our Twitter feed a little too far in responding to students today,” she said. “We apologize.”

One student, Michael Longacre even threatened to take the Twitter responses to Georgia State University President Mark Becker, to which the account only responded by correcting a spelling mistake.

Students complained about the fact that the university delayed making a decision on the status of their campuses, and did not consider the long commutes some students have to make to school despite tornado warnings.

One student by the Twitter handle of @RuthOhanu tweeted, “So students are gonna be on campus and just hope that there’s not a tornado [because] y’all are monitoring the weather. Smart.”

But Jones said they’ve been working closely with the Georgia State University Police Department (GSUPD) and since there have been no tornado watches in the vicinity of Georgia State, classes will not be cancelled.

“We aren’t making anyone commute, we are letting you know the university is open and to use your discretion,” the university account tweeted earlier.


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