Georgia State offers new business courses for spring 2014 maymester

The Robinson College of Business has designed two new survey courses starting May 12 for students desiring basic business entrepreneurship skills

BUSA 3090E is for undergraduate students and BUSA 7090E is for graduate students. However, they are not limited to only business students but are also available for non-business majors, according to the course descriptions.

Professor Robert M. Gemmell said that the courses were designed to benefit students who may not have the time or ability to commit to taking on a number of full business courses.

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“These courses are meant to fill a gap for students who don’t major in business and may just want a background,” Gemmell said. “They are basically crash business courses.”

Robert is also the director of the Herman J. Russell International Center for Entrepreneurship and aided the development and approval of the courses.

Students planning to take either course will learn the basic business areas of marketing, operations and accounting. Other topics include finance, strategy, ethics and economics.

“Every company is looking for people who are innovative, can think critically, work effectively in complicated environments, are passionate and have a willingness to work hard and work in a dynamic way,” Gemmell said when speaking on entrepreneurship.

For students interested in activities involving entrepreneurship, Gemmell suggests visiting the Herman J. Russell Center for Entrepreneurship website for more information.

“The experience you can get is like living dog years – in that short amount of time you learn so many valuable skills,” Gemmell said.

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