Four revivalist trends to consider now

Fashion is constantly evolving, and while some trends have grown into unwavering staples (think blazers, denim, and pencil skirts), others wither away at the end of a season or an era. Many style enthusiasts greet new trends with excitement, but there are cases where good trends die out alongside the bad ones. Thankfully, fashion is cyclical and trends of the past often resurface, bringing with it a sufficient amount of added modernism.

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Last year, and the first half 2016, was all about the bohemian aesthetic, with emphasis on its most indicative features – wide leg pants, rhapsodic patterns and high-rise platforms. Similarly, style patterns that mark the 90s have been on the roster for awhile too, thanks in part to another significant fad, athleisure.

Still, those considerably influential, era-referencing crazes just may have to take a backseat for the latter half of this year. Here are the four revivalist trends we should not only consider, but also have at the top of our list of style goals.


Reject the common belief that this fabric is solely a choice for grandmothers. Velvet crept its way from the Renaissance era – and its stint of popularity in 20s – back into our closets, and if I am being totally honest, it is actually cool again.

On the racks filled with velvet items are sexy slip dresses, darling booties, flattering jumpsuits and sharp A-line skirts in a plethora of colors like royal blue, blush pink and oxblood Imagine a navy blue velvet blazer paired with a matching skirt and sheer tights, add a light, mock-neck top and chic oxfords and you have yourself an envious fall outfit. Don’t believe the hype? See rapper Drake’s approval in the form of him wearing a black blazer on his birthday.

Belt Bag aka Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are about as synonymous with the 80s as legwarmers and extreme color-blocking. But the fanny packs of today have gotten a much needed makeover, and even a new name: the belt bag.

Unlike the older models, belt bags are made from more durable materials like leather, and they can be worn like real belts, because they fit through belt loops. What is most impressive about the modern fanny pack is how stylish they are. Some are structured and smaller in size, while others have larger, more geometric bodies. Additionally, some belt bags are skinny with an attached wallet. This accessory is great for game days and other campus events, or for everyday use around town.

All-over Faux Fur

Fifties glamour is back, thanks to faux fur coats and internet sensation Joanne the Scammer, who helped repopularize the item. The last few Georgia winters have been quite brutal, so floor-length coats made of warm fuzz does not seem farfetched anymore. But there are medium and short options available in the market (at a wide range of prices) that tailor to various preferences and body types.

For those who tether on the minimalistic end of the style spectrum, considering a simple black, brown or grey color is no trouble at all. On the other hand, people who prefer outwear with a little flair can choose from a variety of prints like leopard or fox, and bold colors such as red, wine or emerald green. What also makes the fur coat a noteworthy trend is its layering power. Throwing one over a lighter coat, blazer or jacket makes for easy customization.

Statement Chokers

One glance around campus is all it takes to justify the inclusion of one of this year’s biggest trends. Chokers are the go-to necklace because of its versatility – gold or silver, black or colorful, even embellished kinds. Just because temperatures are dropping does not mean the choker will exit the scene. Instead, they are taking on another form which is a choker than spans the entire neck area. Typically, these necklaces are between one to two and half inches in height, but that is so last summer.

Fashion is now taking things up a notch with styles that are higher up on the neck more pronounced. Think bejeweled pieces that reach the top the chest; white floral lace, thick, black banded or bib kinds that protect, as well as highlight the neck area. The variations go on and on.

Although all four of these trends were introduced during previous times, they are certainly making a comeback, and from the looks of it, they don’t plan on flopping in any capacity. You may find that one or two of your outfits resemble something your mother once owned, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Trends We Should Bring Back

  1. The Beret: The once staple of French culture has faded away, but if there is ever an optimal time to bring it back to life it is now. For one, we are experiencing a time of counterculture. Young people are rejecting and fighting against established orders, and the beret has an 1800s military background. Furthermore, this headpiece was once utilized as an artistic expression, which has become a mainstay among American youths seeking creative ways to deal with the current trajectory.
  2. Kitten Heels: More and more women are dressing practically, placing comfort above societal or patriarchal expectations, and popular trends reflect that stance.The kitten heel encompasses what women want the most: to be feminine and strong, but on their own terms. Kitten heels are comfortable, sexy and can be molded to say whatever the woman wearing them wants.

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