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  1. What is your platform?
  2. What do you consider the biggest concerns of the students at GSU and how would you address them?
  3. What do you plan to accomplish in your term?
  4. What makes you stand out from the other candidates?
  5. What does GSU mean to you?




My platform can be encapsulated into one word: engagement. The student government association here at the Georgia State Atlanta campus is the representative of all students, but let me ask, what is representation without participation? Last year less than 5% of the student body at Georgia State voted in the SGA elections. Students would greatly benefit from student government that engages them, speaks to them, and works for them.

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My main areas of focus are student involvement, inter-organizational involvement, and taking advantage of the possibilities SGA fosters.

Hot issues to address?

Since my start at Georgia State I have met a few people who’ve become great friends, as well as experienced professors who helped guide me in my endeavors. I’ve been a commuter student all three years, and the last two years I’ve been much closer to campus than before after moving into the Summerhill neighborhood next to Turner Field. My experience at Georgia State isn’t the same as all students, so my concerns may differ from others. I do believe, however, that our differing experiences at Georgia State are as valuable as our similarities, and incorporating these variations is my greatest concern.

What do you plan to accomplish?

Approaching my senior year, I plan to enjoy what fun I have left in and outside the classroom, and I believe I can accomplish a number of goals in the process.

First, I want to work to create a student life app which would center around everything students. For example, there would be a platform for a skills exchange, also an interactive student org. board with meeting times, agendas, and indications of guest speakers, free food/merchandise, and fundraisers. The intention being increasing student participation and awareness of the resources and possibilities the campus holds.

Second, I’d like for SGA to work much more with many of the other student groups. SGA should be at the forefront of striving for more engagement with student groups and engage their most important component: the regular students themselves. I would propose a bill to mandate that all Senators are involved in their department’s major student group, so that they may serve as a liaison between that group and the SGA body.

Third, I hope that through my previously stated goals a quarter of the GSU Atlanta campus will vote in the 2018 SGA elections. This would be, I believe, the toughest of the three, but it is within the realm of possibility, and boy do I love the possibilities.

To be clear, these aren’t promises, but aspirations, aspirations that through commitment to cooperative and participative work are obtainable.

How do you stand out?

Throughout my childhood and early-adulthood I’ve always been a part of something; foremost, being the youngest of six I was always getting into something with my siblings. In grade school I took part in student initiatives, student government and extracurricular organizations. I’ve been more of a fan than an athlete in most sports I participate in (and it’s earned me a couple superlative awards in school spirit among my classmates in middle and high school). I’ve volunteered my talents in small or big tasks, from simply being a friend to working with Trees Atlanta.

No matter what I’ve taken part in, I have only wanted to do one thing: help and serve others. I wish to use anything I can within myself to improve and be of help whether by leading or following and always putting in the effort (and then some) that is required. I put others before myself because just being able to do something, anything for others, is enough.

What does GSU mean to you?

Georgia State means home to me; I haven’t wanted to leave Atlanta since I was born in Doraville. Georgia State means loved ones; my mother teaches and pursues her doctorate in mathematics here, and by the luck of early scheduling I’ve often got to walk her to class before I leave campus for work or home most days. Georgia State means MARTA train rides to Five Points station and Panther Express bus rides. Georgia State also means many homeless among the students, and unpreventable crimes.

I believe Georgia State can mean whatever you or I want it to be. We just have to be willing to look outside our box of perception and see what could be, and willing to do what it takes to make change where it’s needed, and if there’s nothing to be done with one thing, move on to the next.




My platform is defined with the following three elements: Inter-Campus Transportation, Instructional  Technology, and Meditation Space Accessibility.-Campus Safety

Hot issues to address?

During my one year of experience in the SGA, I have identified three key concerns of the student body.

The first concern is inter-campus transportation. Perimeter students want to feel more unified within the multi-campus university that Georgia State is, and this includes being able to commute easily between campuses as to facilitate them in their choice of classes that may be distributed  in several campuses.

The second concern is instructional technology. Perimeter students also want access to more innovative instructional technology. Addressing the problem would require computer labs for hybrid courses, laptop kiosk in libraries.

The third concern is a meditation room. Students also need a Meditation space where they can pray, meditate or conduct other meditation activities.

I plan to address these issues by pushing the implementation of the Panther Express for inter-campus transportation. Also, by making sure the administration is aware of the lack of certain technology and services like more equipped group study rooms, and laptop kiosks in the libraries, and by asking that the former meditation room at the Dunwoody campus that was taken away from the students be replaced.

What do you plan to accomplish?

In my term, I want to rebuild the trust of students so they know they have a strong advocate, and that their voice through the SGA is truly heard. (I want to build a stronger relationship between the students and SGA. I would like to build a legacy, plan, and tradition for SGA so that everyone is aware of who SGA is and their role on the campus, and look forward each semester for SGA events. This legacy or plan will also serve for future SGA officers to have something to build upon.

How do you stand out?

I believe I stand out as an SGA candidate because I am one of the few that truly understands that SGA’s job is not limited to what SGA can do by itself. SGA can also influence the GSU administration to implement new innovations/initiatives that will benefit the student body, for example a meditation room or more vending machines. I have a strong experience in the SGA as I started as a former Senator and now I’m the Speaker of the Senate. These opportunities helped me to develop my leadership skills, and makes me unique as a candidate. Also, as an International Student, I can reach out to other international students and give them an extra push to find their place at GSU.

What does GSU mean for you?

GSU means to me, Diversity, Hope, Accomplishment, United. It is a place where you take full ownership of your success. Georgia State University is the starting line to start building your future. GSU is my second home, and I have to make sure all my fellow students get what they deserve, and what they need so they can be satisfied, and the campus can stay vibrant and blue! And I will work with my team to make it happened.



What is your platform?

I want to enhance student voices on campus through unity and diversity. Only together, are we able to achieve goals. Only together, are we able to progress. I want to be the voice we deserve because together we will.

Hot issues to address?

Georgia State University is one of the largest Georgia places for higher education. It is located downtown, near the State Capitol. As a student representative, I find it essential for leadership to work to influence the local area around us and be a leader for state initiatives. Another component I want to concentrate on is the need to enhance and further spread the Panther spirit across the university campus.

What do you plan to accomplish?

One of my first priorities is to enhance the student voice. I believe as I senior, student representative, we are missing the bridge between students and administration. I want to serve as a liaison between the two to collaboratively work together to create a larger student voice, where all voices are taken into consideration.

How do you stand out?

I had a great opportunity to serve in past as vice president in another USG institution and in my role, I worked internal SGA matters, worked with administration on new projects, and gained new connections with other people throughout the state to generate and share new ideas. With my prior experience in such matters, I find my role to be essential in establishing a stronger, bolder, and brighter student voice.

What does GSU mean to you?

Georgia State University means being big, being strong, and being able to face obstacles. GSU is a place of advancement, challenging old ideas, and also a place to push for success. GSU is many things, but to me – it is a place of opportunity for every student to learn and thrive for a brighter future for themselves. That is why I’m here at GSU and with that strong belief in the institution; it’s generating the next global leaders to take over the world.




I believe I should be elected to serve as the Executive Vice President for the Atlanta campus of Georgia State University because I have a deep care for the well-being of the University and it’s students. I have previously served in the Student Organization for this campus and am well versed with being a part of a large organization. I have enjoyed serving this University and realize that students are what makes up a majority of this University. I want to be able to stand up and say that I am a leader of this University and a trusted one in the eyes of students and administration. If I am gracious enough to be elected I will completely bridge the gap between students and administration, actively and quickly see to any issues that ever occur, increase student participation in the Student Government Association and keep students well informed on administration occurrences within the University, the University System of Georgia and the city of Atlanta.

Hot issues to address?

I believe the biggest concerns for students at GSU are the transfer of information and reasoning behind administrative decisions. Georgia State University students must never be left in the dark about anything occurring at this University. I believe most student concerns can be addressed by fully informing the students on the matter. Too often information is transferred between students and the false information or not enough of it is provided.

What do you plan to accomplish?

My goals in becoming an elected official are to completely bridge the gap between students and administration, actively and wholeheartedly see to any issues that ever occur, increase student participation in the Student Government Association and keep students well informed on administration occurrences within the University, the University System of Georgia and the city of Atlanta.

How do you stand out?

I stand out from the other candidates because I seek for the individuals around me to hold me accountable whether it be the student body or administration. I believe as student leaders we have the obligation to properly serve our University. If something is going wrong we must place the blame on ourselves and be prepared for critique because nothing can be perfect especially at such a large
University. We must be prepared to see success but also have the mindset to humbly accept backlash as a challenge to make improvements to our University.

What does GSU mean to you?

GSU means a lot to me. This University helped discover who I am and what I want to continue to be. I would choose no other school on this planet to be a student at.
GSU is a University that fosters academic, professional and social growth. It is more than just a University. It is a place where
one can receive an excellent education and improve themself as a person. The diversity, events, various lifestyles and people in the city of Atlanta offers a unique experience.

Frederick Severtson and Christin Smith are also running but did not respond by press time.

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