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David Jackson, Jr.: VP of Academic Affairs GA 2015 Candidate


DavidJacksonQ.What college are you representing, and what year are you?


I’ll be representing the College of Arts and Sciences; this is my third year (junior).

Q.Describe your platform.


Our platform brings an IMPACT to our campus.

    • I – Increasing sustainability initiatives
    • M – Mobilizing student attendance at athletic events
    • P – Promoting awareness of academic programs and resources
    • A – Advocating for a 24 hour study space
    • C – Creating meaningful and lasting traditions
    • T – Transforming student services

Q.What are some big issues students have been facing lately?


Students remain unaware of the invaluable academic programs and services that are at their disposal. These resources contribute greatly to the student experience.

Q.What new initiatives would you try to implement if you received the position?


I would seek to create productive and cohesive relationships with existing academic departments, programs and services.

Q.What achievement are you most proud of?


I am most proud of being accepted to Georgia State University. Had it not been for this outstanding institution, I have no idea where I would be today. I’m receiving a rigorous education and learning lessons that will remain integral parts of my character for the rest of my life. For that, I am eternally grateful and indebted to our university.

Q.What do you hope to achieve with the position?


During my time as the Vice President of Academic Affairs, I hope to further strengthen the relationship between faculty, students and the greater Atlanta Community. Enhancing the students’ educational experience will remain the top priority. This enhancement, I believe, will come through students being aware of academic resources at the university, the importance of these resources and how beneficial these resources are to the overall educational experience.
I hope to further strengthen the cohesive relationships among students and faculty. I also believe that when we learn, we should teach and when we get, we should give back so I hope to continue initiatives such as the Panther Mentorship Program. Finally, I hope to contribute to the greater Atlanta community by advocating for participation in higher education opportunities.

Q.What sets you apart from the former position holder?


The former position holder was appointed, by the president, to serve. I was elected and have served a full year in the Student Government Association Senate. My service in the senate has led to gaining invaluable legislative experience, which will significantly facilitate the execution of the duties and responsibilities of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Q.Define transparency in student government.


Student Government transparency means ensuring the governing process remains an all-inclusive process, allowing everyone access to any and all information related to Student Government activities and programs.

Q.What is an interesting fact about yourself?


I am one of 11 siblings and my birthday is the 4th of July.

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