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Crime Blotter: 8/26

Creatively compiled from actual police reports and retold by Cassie Stanton, our new resident crime reporter.

Gone Missin’

August 14

The Natural Science Building was the scene of two theft cases on Aug. 14, and cell phones were the main score. The first theft report was made by two Georgia State students who left their office doors unlocked and unattended for two hours and, upon arriving back at the room, found their laptops and cellphones were missing.

In the other report, a staff member cited his cellphone missing.

Investigations are being made, into why the keys to all the offices have seemed to have gone missing as well!

Photo pulled from Georgia State Police website

Slumber party

August 15

The Atlanta Life Building was the scene of a sleepover.

A Georgia State officer patrolling campus spotted two men asleep on the wall and went over to wake them. The men were given Criminal Trespass Warnings and escorted off campus.

Once the two men were unsupervised, they continued their slumber party against a more comfortable stonewall.

Georgia State Police made out scot-free on Aug. 15 with no arrests. However, traffic due to trolley installations continues to rein terror on drivers.

Graffiti Art

August 16

Investigations are under way after officers noticed graffiti on a Georgia State building.

The image or phrase of the paint was undisclosed, but it was most likely an image commentating on social issues using tasteful contrast, Atlanta’s own Banksy? We’ll see.

Early morning in B Lot, a Georgia State staff member parked her car at 9:00 a.m. and returned around 1:45 p.m. to a disappointing sight; her rear window was shattered.

There is a silver lining in the fact that nothing appeared to be taken, but investigations are being made on the Property Damage report.

Turns out the perp didn’t actually want to do a B&E; he just wanted to break a window in.

Criminal Conspiracy

August 17

Dahlberg Hall was the scene of theft on Aug. 17 when a Georgia State student left her military bag unattended briefly and returned to find it missing. Investigations are being made.

Perhaps we should worry about the imposter going around in military garb. Let’s hope the suspect didn’t share a similar waistline.

Langdale Hall was also the slumber spot on Aug. 17. A female was found snoozing in the building. She was given a Criminal Trespass Warning and escorted off the premises.

She was woken prior to being issued the warning and escorted out; no carrying was necessary. 

Ridin’ Dirty

August 18

A man was riding risky on Ellis St. on Aug. 18. Officers found his vehicle smoking, air bags and all, with physical damages as well. After brief introductions, the man was found to be under the influence, unlicensed and had left the scene of an accident on Piedmont Avenue. He was charged with several counts, including DUI.

He was disappointed once informed Fulton County Jail does not serve cocktails.

Don’t steal my TP!

August 19

The Student Center was the target of a crafty (crappy?) criminal heist when a staff member noticed the female restrooms were missing the most important component. An undetermined amount of toilet paper was stolen, resulting in a Suspicious Activity report, and an increase in tardiness. College Life.

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