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Crime Blotter 9/16

Sept. 8

“Dude, where’s my car?”

URGE Abortion

A Georgia State student who said she sometimes forgets where she parks her car could not find her vehicle at the Loft Parking Deck. She said she didn’t know whether it was stolen or not. A report was filed for abandoned/stolen vehicle.

Triple offense

Robinson Test Prep Academy

A report was filed for aggravated assault, terrorist threats and obstruction on Decatur Street Southeast. The individual was arrested, processed and transported to Fulton County Jail.

Triple harassment

Three reports were filed for harassment. The victims were female students. The cases are under investigation.

Sept. 9

Double offense, Five Points Plaza

A report was filed for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and obstruction at the Five Points Plaza. The individual was arrested, processed and transported to Atlanta Pretrial.

Open door – missing laptop

A report was filed for theft after a Georgia State faculty member said he left his office door ajar to go to another room. He returned and found his laptop missing. The case is under investigation.

Card fraud

A Georgia State student said her Discover Panther Card was compromised. A report was filed for financial transaction card fraud.

Sept. 10

Broken window

A non-Georgia State affiliate said the rear window of her vehicle was shattered after she parked at the T Parking deck for two hours. Nothing was stolen. The case is under investigation ad a report was filed for attempted theft from vehicle interior.

The shuttle thief

A student had her wallet stolen after leaving it unattended on the Panther Shuttle. A report was filed for theft and the case is under investigation.

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