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Commemorating the legacy of African-American culture: Ways to Celebrate Black History in Atlanta

Black History Month is recognized as a time to reflect on the accomplishments of great

African American Leaders and innovators. Celebrate those historical moments while attending Black History events taking place around and in the city.

Distinguished Speaker

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The Department of African American Studies at Georgia State is hosting a distinguished speaker series called Black Lives Matter. Feb. 23 at 4:30 p.m.,.  

Department Chair of the African American Studies Department, Dr. Akinyele Umoja Photo Submitted | Dr. Akinyele Umoja

Dr. Akinyele Umoja, Department chair of the African American Studies Department, reflects on the importance of Black History Month.

“It’s not the time when we study African American history, it’s a time when it’s celebrated,” Umoja said. “It should be studied year round, and it should be a fundamental part of the curriculum, k-12 and higher.”

Distinguish speaker, Sheri Randolph talks about Flo Kennedy and black feminism. Randolph is a historian that specializes in women and African American history. She recently wrote a book about Florynce Kennedy, a black feminist and civil rights activist.

The purpose of this event is to highlight the importance of African American culture.

The event will be held on the 23rd floor of 25 Park Place in the Troy Moore Library.

Apex Museum: Awards Show

The Apex Museum displays African American based exhibits, showing the heritage of African Americans and more. Photo: Signal Archives

One way to celebrate this month is to acknowledge African-American leaders and innovators. The APEX Pyramid Award show is a culminating event that recognizes people who are impacting their community. Founder Dan Moore, created the Pyramid Awards to show the community’s appreciation, for unsung heroes.


“We are celebrating rich heritage, not a mafa (great and tragedy),” Moore said. “We are going to continue to find average people in the community doing extraordinary things.”

Moore wanted to give typical people a chance to be acknowledged for their involvement in the community.

“The main thing is to share the stage with people you probably would have never heard of,” Moore said. “People in the community who have done great things, and maybe never received an award or any accolade.”



The award show represents a foundation of innovation and black culture, by recognizing people from all walks of life. The award honors inspiring people who go beyond their daily life to help improve their community. Awards will be held on Saturday, Feb. 27. The show will be from 6 p.m.- 8 p.m. at the Georgia Pacific Auditorium.

Black History Month Parade

Honor Black heritage, at the yearly parade that takes place on Feb. 27 at 1 p.m. The parade will start at the-the historic Martin Luther King site, located at 450 Auburn Ave. Enjoy live musical performances, entertainment and more.

Black Chronicles Ⅱ

Watch the past come to life at Spelman College’s Museum of Fine Arts. Extraordinary 19th-century artwork historically bridges the gap between rediscovered representations of black people during Britain’s Victorian era.

The collection of images portrays black dignitaries, students, service women, international royalty and more. These rare images haven’t been view by the public. On Jan. 29, a lecture interpretation of the exhibition will take place. The event is free and will last until May 14. For more information, visit Spelman’s Black Chronicles Ⅱ website.

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