“Déjà vu” for SGA President Patterson

March 14, 2019 Ada Wood 0

The Student Government Association met for their second university-wide meeting of the spring semester on Feb. 28. During this meeting, SGA President Franklin Patterson confronted the senators asking them to step up and share their […]

Campus News

Are students getting more involved?

February 20, 2019 Ada Wood 0

Has student involvement and participation decreased or increased on campus? Students often speculate about Georgia State’s school spirit and their own willingness to get involved, so it was time to go straight to the source. […]

Campus News

Georgia State’s award-winning student media

February 20, 2019 Ada Wood 0

Georgia State student media organizations have been busy the past week, attending – and winning – a variety of competitions and awards. The Signal and NeoNetwork’s, formally GSTV, Panther Report News and Primetime Sportz took […]

Campus News

Student launches petition against physics textbook

February 3, 2019 Ada Wood 0

“Students are unhappy with the Tutorials in Introductory Physics books and this petition is to propose that these books are removed from Georgia State University.” This is the straight-to-the-point introductory line of a Georgia State […]

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