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  • Love thy wife- and her boyfriend

    It’s happened to the most loyal and dedicated of us. You love your partner from the absolute bottom of your heart. You would give them your kidney- you would give them both of your kidneys, [...]
  • Smothered, covered and trashed?

    Waffle House made headlines back in April with the news that it would sell beer at Suntrust Park. This would be a new, second location at the Cobb home of the Braves. There was an [...]
  • Meet Yukons: The Atlanta band for Latinx expression

    Yukons is a little engine making a lot of noise. They carry a big sound and a big message representing the Latin American community through their music. Yukons is Latinx Expression, carrying a garage/punk rock [...]
  • Herb your enthusiasm: The local farms that will upgrade your diet

    It’s a truism, but if you want to be healthy, you’ve got to eat your vegetables. And if you’re eating vegetables, you might want to consider locally grown. Eating locally grown food cuts out the [...]
  • How to move out without stressing out

    Ah, the month of May. School is out, birds are chirping, and, well, students are moving. For some, it is the dreaded moving season. For others, it is an opportunity to start a new beginning [...]
  • No Picture

    The Dyson Conspiracy: Why hand dryers are working against you

    Envision sitting in your favorite local coffee shop, drinking cold brew with your friends, when one of them gets up to use the restroom and returns with damp hands. “They don’t offer paper towels, and [...]
  • Will 13 Reasons Why Get It Right In Season 2?

    Last year Netflix held viewers captive with 13 Reasons Why. They watched in heart-wrenching suspense for Hannah Baker, the show’s lead character who has retraced the steps leading up to her suicide, letting her classmates [...]
  • Dorm-friendly Gardening

    A dorm room, pallid and as personal as a rental car. The college apartment, a frenetic, messy crash. Many students are so overwhelmed with classes, they don’t put thoughtful effort into their environment. But a [...]
  • Can drinking too much coffee lead to cancer?

    With California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle’s ruling this past March that coffee should be sold with a cancer warning, many coffee lovers are reconsidering their relationship with the popular beverage. The ruling stems from [...]
  • Festival preparations: what to expect at summer festivals

    Festival season is approaching us. Glitter flying in the crowd, the rumble of the bass shaking the ground–it is basically calling your name and taking your savings out of your pocket. However, if you’ve never [...]
  • Wag-a-Saga: See something but say nothing?

    These days, there’s an app for everything. With just the click of a button, dog care becomes a walk in the park. Under the new Wag! app, registered users can sign on to a daily [...]
  • Underrepresentation in U.S. Newsrooms

    Newsrooms across America have long struggled to meet the representation standards their audiences want. In 1978, The American Society of News Editors (ASNE) pledged to match newsroom diversity percentages with the country’s diversity percentages. The [...]
  • Tackling body image: Cultural beauty standards, social media and history shape the way women think of their bodies

    Wearing the cutest bikinis and laying out on the beach is something most girls do in the summer, but Chelsea Holmes-Robinson, a Georgia State student, hid her body in one-piece swimsuits and T-shirts until she [...]
  • Checking Out New Bar Spots In Atlanta

    For some, if not most young adults, all bars are the same sticky place to pay $8 after tip for a Guinness draught and avoid the aggressive Mr.Hyde-esque drunk who keeps picking fights. It is [...]
  • Attend house shows and save your scene!

    The most crucial thing needed for a thriving scene of any kind is content and a community. The content does not have to be good for it to pulse, but it always helps when it [...]