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  • A Preview of Slowfire Pistol’s EP Release Show

    Atlanta-based screamo band Slowfire Pistol is having a show to release their EP, “Moment of Clarity” and have added a wide range of acts to the show. Atlanta’s young and old are represented at the [...]
  • Decent or Dishonest? What you need to know about Rate My Professors

    Rate My Professors, an open anonymous platform for students to rate their school and teachers by quality points, has remained the norm for universities. Despite its ongoing popularity, the website’s anonymous users and obscure quality [...]
  • Georgia State’s uniqueness separates us from the pack

    It’s a fall Saturday. Grills are goin’, hot dogs are cookin’ and it’s tailgate Saturday. Fraternities and sororities are getting ready to party all weekend, red cups in hand already. This is not Georgia State. [...]
  • Broke? How to get the most out of college

    We get it. College is expensive and money doesn’t grow on trees. We can’t go to a sit-down every week after a nice day of shopping and order ourselves a sirloin steak with a sparkling [...]
  • Insta-worthy: The best spots in Atlanta for your pics

    Artists, sculptures, and designers—famous and unknown—spend countless hours to create eye-catching works of art in the heart of Atlanta. Behind each piece is an artist’s muse, and with every design, their feelings are expressed to [...]
  • Brockhampton’s Saturation III is anything but saturated

    Musical groups of young people have the power to shift cultures. NWA came together and shed light upon the issue of police brutality through hard hitting, honest hip-hop. Odd Future brought a raw collection of [...]
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle reintroduces an old story with a millennial twist

    On Dec. 20, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle hit theaters. A spin-off of the original movie Jumanji, starring the deceased Robin Williams, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was not projected to outshine the former film. [...]
  • The Reason Behind MLK Drive Conditions

    Yesterday marked the 35th Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S. since the holiday was officiated. The recognition was more than deserved by the activist, orator, agitator, and icon that is Dr. King. [...]
  • Ink’d: A look into the meaning and stigma of tattoos

    There’s everything to be sceptical about when it comes to tattoos. It’s an external, visible modification to your body that is there forever. And if you grew up with parents anything like mine, it’s something [...]
  • Panther pro-tips for Class of 2021

    If you’re class of 2021, you’ve just survived your first semester of college. It’s not an easy task to take on Georgia State, but here are some tips that may have helped you the past [...]
  • Last-minute gifts for everyone on your Nice List

    Between holiday parties, family time and working extra shifts during winter break, shopping for gifts can easily slip the mind. Luckily, The Signal conjured up 10 last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank and [...]
  • The Top Menswear Trends of Fall-Winter 2017

    A little bit of the past and a little bit of the present can create a new fashion movement toward the future. The recycling of 80s and 90s throwback trends are expected to pair along [...]
  • Holiday Hits Countdown

    Looking for the perfect holiday albums to keep the mood lifted at the family get-togethers this year? Here are five unforgettable holiday classics to keep all the cousins jealous of your aux skills. 5. The [...]
  • Service opportunities to brighten someone’s day during the holidays

    In Atlanta alone, there is a homeless population of more than 4,000, as reported by Partners for Home, an organization fighting homelessness with other nonprofit and government organizations as a part of their 2016 Homeless [...]
  • Bring some music into winter break with these must-see shows

    Winter break is around the corner, but there’s no break for great shows going on in Atlanta. Not withheld by genre or venue, these shows are available for that well needed break from family before [...]