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  • The bubble tea craze isn’t going anywhere

    Bubble tea is on the rise. Look no further than Google Maps and you’ll be sure to spot countless swirling, colorfully named tapioca bars that weren’t there only a year ago. It can feel like [...]
  • Your brain on stress is not a pretty sight

    Young adults are stressed out. Well over 40 percent of young adults had a clinical psychiatric disorder, often resulting from stress, in the past year. Mental disorders resulting from elephantine levels of environmental stress, the [...]
  • No Picture

    Make Meals like a Tinder Date

  • Student launches Latin vegan pop-up restaurant

    Rosalia Parra is a student who is making her culinary dream come true and balancing school at the same time. Parra is a vegan, Latin-American fusion chef. Her company is named Maiz y Canela (Corn [...]
  • Whether leggings are pants or not doesn’t matter

    They lurk in the gym, in classrooms and while running errands—some are even showing up on fancy outings like dinner parties and in the workplace. Leggings are the new pants and there’s no end in [...]
  • Need caffeine on campus but don’t know where to go?

    Once that afternoon fatigue rolls in, many students are itching for their next fix of caffeine. While there are many options both on and off campus, two of the most popular on-campus coffee shops are [...]
  • We want to know: How do you feel about this semester?

    Welcome back to Georgia State, your home away from home in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. With classes in full swing and summer coming to a close, The Signal is catching up with students to [...]
  • How to ride a bike

  • Georgia State bridging lower-income students to a brighter future

    Correction: A version of this story that ran in print on Aug. 28 incorrectly stated the Honors College was founded in 2010. It was founded in 2012. Georgia State is a shining example that universities [...]
  • Cute doggies party in themed costumes

    If you were looking for an adorable, fluffy, pet-filled weekend, Doggy Con was the place to be last Saturday, Aug. 18 in Woodruff Park. Just like Dragoncon, there was plenty of cosplay, but instead of [...]
  • How do you get to class?

    The hardest part of college often isn’t the classes or the independence; it’s what happens between your first cup of coffee in the morning and your first class: the commute. Nyeta Thomas, a student at [...]
  • Back to school shopping just got easier with your student email and ID

    Back to school season means spending a vast amount of money on supplies, textbooks and clothes. Luckily, many companies acknowledge thsignaat some students are living on a budget and need an additional discount. Believe it [...]
  • Georgia States Cinefest has some great movies lined up.

    Cinefest is Georgia State’s very own student-run movie theater. This semester, the theater has some great movies, some of which did great in the box office. Structured like other traditional theaters, Cinefest sells an assortment [...]
  • Has Laundry Bin a Problem?

    Few students come to college totally prepared. When you’ve just moved out, chores and responsibilities become intimidating, monstrous piles on the floor, quite literally. A new adult who’s not careful can easily become overwhelmed and [...]
  • Should you have gone to trade school instead?

    College enrollment and degree achievement have increased almost every year for decades. PBS reported that nearly 40 percent of Americans hold at least a two-year degree. As Georgia State students dish out thousands of dollars [...]