Panther at Large: A metro adventure

February 5, 2013 Laura AppersonLaura Apperson

I made a new friend this week with someone who comes from Paris and speaks very little English. It’s wonderful for me because I am able to practice my French whenever we are together. She’s a […]

College fashionista essentials

February 5, 2013 Samantha ReardonSamantha Reardon

This week’s update is about “the essentials”, which are elegant ways of saying “the basics.” The essentials encompass all the pieces I’ve deemed I need in my closet because they will help me on the […]

A vintage kind of sexy

February 5, 2013 Raven SchleyRaven Schley

The more we continue to propel into the future, the more it seems like people’s natural tendency is to just remove all of their clothes. It’s no help that many of today’s top musicians enforce […]

Pile on the layers

January 29, 2013 Samantha ReardonSamantha Reardon

A layering guide to revive your clothes and make your life easier On freezing mornings I want to wear my big wrap coat, so I can leave my house feeling just as cozy as I […]

Oh, girl…

January 29, 2013 Raven SchleyRaven Schley

Gather around peeps, I have stories to tell! Every day new things happen in the wonderful world of pop culture and I delight in them all. Here are my top three stories of the week: […]

Panther at Large: Culture shock

January 16, 2013 Laura AppersonLaura Apperson

Follow staffer Laura as she studies abroad in FranceUrban Dictionary defines “culture shock” as “the shock of moving from one culture to another often associated with laws, traditions, food, music and general lifestyle choices.” I […]

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