Fingers crossed

March 5, 2013 Laura Apperson

We are used to excessive paper-writing in the U.S.—three pages here, five pages there, ten pages (with research) at the end of the semester. In France, you write a large dissertation at the end of […]

Tour time

March 4, 2013 Raven Schley

Some of my favorite artists are on tour and I am super excited! Here are some highlights for the upcoming concert season: Kendrick Lamar Tour Kendrick Lamar, also known as K. DOT, kicked off his […]

‘Oh, I got time for that’

February 26, 2013 Raven Schley

Watching Youtube videos is probably one of my favorite things to do whenever I’m not studying for a test, doing homework or hanging out with friends. It is honestly one of the best inventions ever because It has […]

The Grammys: a classy event

February 19, 2013 Raven Schley

Did you watch the Grammys? The 55th annual award show hosted by LL Cool J aired on Sunday, Feb. 10, and let me tell you…there was good, bad and even some shade. Let’s recap!

Styling Oscar hopefuls

February 19, 2013 Samantha Reardon

The Academy Awards are coming up ya’ll! Where there are awards, there is always fashion-–red carpet fashion. Jennifer Lawerence and Anne Hathaway have dished about what they’re wearing, knowing they’ll be plastered on the covers of magazines for weeks to come. […]

Panther at large: impeccable cuisine

February 12, 2013 Laura Apperson

One of my favorite things about Paris is the food. Boulangeries, pâtisseries, fromageries and confiseries line the streets, intertwined  ith   rious cafés with attractive, colorful awnings. There’s always something down the street that can satisfy a chocolate craving or a […]

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