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Abrams moves ahead as Kemp and Cagle fight to run-off

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After Georgia’s May 22 gubernatorial primary, the state is gearing up for a run-off between Republicans Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp. Stacey Abrams, the projected leader for the Democrats, took her win over Stacey Evans.

With 75 percent of the Democratic vote, Abrams’ victory was nothing short of a landslide. After results were released, Abrams issued an address, encouraging the rest of the Democratic Party to unify.

“I offer my congratulations to Stacey Evans and her campaign and all of her supporters tonight for a hard-fought race. And I know… for the journey that lies ahead, we need every voice in our party – and every independent thinker in the state of Georgia – energized, and by our side to succeed, so I hope you will join our fight for the future,” Abrams said.

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Abrams outlined her hope for a stronger economy, public school reform, renewable energy, trade unions, diversity and trade unions, concluding with a reference to the Bible.

“In the Book of Esther, there’s a verse that reminds us we are born for such a time as this. A time to defend our values and protect the vulnerable – stand in the gap and lead the way. A time to know that this democracy only works – when we work for it. That is what we have done tonight and that is what we will continue to do – all the way to victory in November,” Abrams said.

Evans, who conceded to Abrams once election results began to form, delivered her own address for the Democrats.

“I have talked to Stacey Abrams and have offered her my dearest congratulations and I wish her the best and ensured her that I will do everything in my power to make sure that she is successful, and I’m sure that everyone in this room will do exactly the same thing,” Evans said.

Cagle, who took 39 percent of the Republican vote, and Kemp, who took 26 percent, are facing each other in a run-off. Unlike Abrams and Evans, tight primary results led to less of a unifying sentiment.

“Today, Republican primary voters sent a clear message. They are fed up with career politicians, empty promises and empty suits. Casey Cagle spent millions of dollars raised from the special interests. His dark money super PAC spent millions more. He attacked every candidate in the governor’s race after saying for months that he wanted a clean race. He’s not a leader, he’s a puppet; and yeah, I just said that,” Kemp said.

Kemp’s speech took applause from an energized audience. For the future, he expressed a push for small businesses, support for rural areas, deporting illegal immigrants, dismantling gang violence and school system reformation.

Cagle took his speech in a different direction, noticeably choosing not to address Kemp, and instead to support other republican candidates.

“Hunter Hill, he didn’t make the cut tonight, but he is a good man, and he is my friend, and I want you all to give him a round of applause, and I would say the same thing about Clay Tippins as well. He is a great individual who served our country and served it very honorably, and we look forward to having their support as we go forward,” Cagle said.

Cagle explained his hope for reduced insurance rates, more support for rural hospitals, a boost in Georgia’s workforce and an increase in college pathways for students.

Looking ahead, Abrams and Evans may begin working together for the Democratic vote, as Cagle and Kemp continue their race for the Republican nomination.

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