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7/6 Weekly Blotter

June 30

Double Loitering Day:

A male was seen loitering in Park Place and was escorted out of the building by police officers. Another male was caught loitering in the Student Center and was also escorted out by police as well. Both men were issued a criminal trespass warning. A report was filed for a CTW (criminal trespass warning).

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Plant goes MIA (Missing In Action):

A Georgia State staff member reported a plant stolen in the Urban Life Building. A report was filed for theft. The case is being handled by investigations.

July 1

Trouble in Waffle Paradise:

A report was filed for a criminal trespass warning after officers came in contact with a male who would not leave Waffle House.

Drinking Openly:

A non-Georgia State affiliate was arrested for public drinking in Five Points Plaza. The person was processed and released.

Bike thief:

A Georgia State student said her bicycle had been stolen from a bicycle rack.on Piedmont Ave. A report was filed for theft. This case is being handled by investigations.

July 2

City high crime:

A Georgia State officer saw a male rolling a marijuana cigarette. He was issued a city citation and released on a copy of charges. A report has been filed for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

Sexual misconduct in Woodruff:

A female said she was touched on her buttocks by an unknown male in Woodruff Park. A report was filed for sexual battery. Officers apprehended the male. The victim refused to press charges.

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